She lost

Noor2022/09/29 21:50
She lost

Hina was A girl who have mAny smal deeams in her life. but she belongs to a poor family and her family is unable to fulfill her desire. Sometime they dont have anything to eat. her family is unable to affoard her education. Her cousins study in a big institute. Her cousin insulted her. she also dreamt to study that institute. She always use to say to Allah

What u give me. you give me nothing. i dont have anything to lose. her mother always care her daughter. she use to say everything you will achieve with the passage of time. But Hina alyaws use to cry saying that she has nothing.

Her mother use to say except life u can get any thing. she has great bonding with her mother. Even she slept With her motheR. Hina Always pray that she could die before her mother. she dont see her mother die in front of her.

Once Her mother Was going To meet her sister. She died in her sister house. Hina was sleeping When her sis came to her and told that her mother died. she dont believe in her ears. she has only one thing, a single thing in this world. she lost that think. She think she will die bcz this pain but she was wrong..

she has to live.

She was alive. and stand before her dead mother. she didnot believe in her eye. she was unable to understand why ......why Allah did this to her. why she dont die on hearing this news. but alas.......

ShE hAd to live and And had to face the world alone.........


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