{epub download} Lovers in the Stars by J. R. Ryder

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Lovers in the Stars by J. R. Ryder

  • Lovers in the Stars

  • J. R. Ryder

  • Page: 238

  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

  • ISBN: 9798855692327

  • Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press

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Newly self-published Author J.R. Ryder takes you on an emotional ride with Lovers in the Stars. Fate written in the stars. "Beautifully written, and the recognition of their love weaves the beautiful colors of the sunrise and sunset. A passionate and erotic dance of words and imaginative phrases and paragraphs. There is no doubt that love can endure for infinity. Bravo to the author."—Barnes & Noble starred review A Unique Passionate Story "This was a perfect story about a love that would never be broken by anyone. Craving desires, passionate nights but true love that even fights time. I highly recommend this book, I love stories about the stars and other things in the sky, I have never read anything like it."—Amazon starred review An intriguing romantic retelling about two stars, Altair and Vega, which was inspired by the story "The cowherder and weaver girl," which has been told in many different variations that is almost three centuries old. Vega, the Goddess of the heavens and weaver of clouds, who falls for a mortal Altair, a simple cowherder, while visiting earth. This legend is told in many different cultures, however, When Marie meets Mark, designed by fate while stargazing, he tells Marie his version of the legend. Vega is a beautiful Goddess that is the youngest out of seven sisters, which carries a special skill that is taught by her very strict mother. Once Vega masters this skill, a unique power takes over her. She uses her aura and this special weaving power within her threads, that adds beautiful colors to the clouds. Within this thread holds a certain magic allowing her to ascend and descend to earth at her own will, which leads to her meeting a human, Altair and their forbidden love ensues. Altair a simple boy with a troubled upbringing, becomes a dedicated cowherder taught by his father. In his travels he is acquainted by a woman who takes him in. He helps with the farm until she is called away. One day as he tours the farm while playing his flute, he comes across Vega and is struck by her beauty, and she becomes enthralled by the melody he plays. Vega and Altair fall in love, however fate is not on their side, and neither is Vega's mother, as the legend begins. During his storytelling, a love infatuation ignites between the two fated strangers Mark and Marie as a romantic love story develops that was already written in the stars.

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Lovers in the Stars by J. R. Ryder, Paperback
Dec 29, 2023 —

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