New fivver policies

Tamoor Jugno2022/09/29 06:55

Few days ago fivver updated its policies. These policies gona effect your gig directly or indirectly.

This blog is about fivver's new policies. Few days ago fivver updated its policies . These policies are related to the gig formation which guides you how you should make your gig and what are the criterias ,fivver demands.

These rules are very strict which do not allow you copy someone else content while making your gig. If anything suspecious found ,fivver defenetly gona block your gig or will de rank your gig.

Some people who were using fivver before these policies updated may have noticed these changes and may be they are worried ,they are recommended to take a look at their gigs and should change ,where change is required. Anything copied ,will not be promoted by fivver.

You can ask questions in comment box if you have any question.


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