Fiver or Upwork?

Tamoor Jugno2022/09/27 16:27

This blog is about the top freelancing sites .As new user ,which site should be prefered.

Fiver or Upwork

Many people after learning some skills become confused about ,how and where to start selling services?

Two famous websites are best places where you can sell your services. Fiver & Upwork

Now the question is that either the fiver should be the first choice or Upwork.

Friends ,the answer is Fiver.

You should first join fiver to sell your services. After achieving the levels (i.e level 1&2) ,you should then move to Upwork.

Reason is because at Upwork ,those who are selling their services are experts. They have experience and as a proof they have their top rated fiver accounts. So buyer take interest in those experienced rather than a new comer.

But at fiver ,you are promoted by the fiver if you work according to fiver alogrithum. So you have chance to become a pro seller.


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