Tears of Women (episode one)

Anonymous Me2022/09/26 16:11

This is a story of a mother and three girls striving through tough times and still struggling till date

In the early 2000 in a state in Nigeria, a woman named Sola begins her life with a man named Laji who is 13 years older than her, the relationship started smoothly and well. Being muslims they both want a halal relationship before Ramadan so they got married.

Early year 2001 Sola got pregnant and was to expect the baby December 31 of that same year. Unfortunately the baby didn’t come which got Sola frightened but the doctor assured her not to be scared. On the 31 of the following year Sola birthed her first baby which is a girl without the help of her husband all by herself and her father was the one who paid the hospital bill.

This is where the misery of the family started with the first child of Sola called Watife

Episode two will be released tomorrow


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