Ever Happy After

Marshal2022/09/25 08:40

A story of a guy who is finding love

How he mate his first love

Sometimes life can be harder than you think, life is unpredictable,you never know what will come out of it.

Life of a young man trying to find love in mist of fake friends, love comes and go.

His first love was a childish love or though the girl was serious about making it work out but he's not seeing it until he lost her to another guy that was when he realized his mistakes, and he started trying so hard to make amends but was too late him to get her back.

Ebube was a wonderful and first love he had, she made him understand what it was to be in love with a lady.

He had his first kiss with her but didn't realize that it was going to get him fall in love with her until she broke up him before he realized that he was so much in love with her that he couldn't hide it anymore but it was too late to get her back.

He suffered the pain for a long time before he could hold up and move on.

He started his life saying he wasn't going to fall in love with any girl again to avoid stories that touches and he went on and on living his life.

Being single for him so great that he couldn't think of anything else apart from him and what will make him happy or though sometimes he gets feeling's of his past love but he keeps on making sure he doesn't fall a victim of love anymore but as you know life is unpredictable and you will never know what will happen until it happens.

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