Fierce Loss

Bwitho2022/09/24 20:51

First experience after losing the most dear one

At midnight of this fateful day, I held my brother's lifeless hand, and pleaded my prayer to the Almighty. And with the Faith like that of Daniel, I knew that my brother's body will gain more life, and he wakes up. I could hear his heart beat, in the frozen hospital ward. I called his name second after second expecting him atleast to twist a finger, to glow more hope towards his life, but all in vain. As sleep spares no one, my eyes lost it, and as I was in different dreams of a nightmare, hospital ambulance siren woke me up. Of course, my minds turned to my brother... However, when I touched his body, it had turned colder than the ice block, I touched the chest cavity, which gave me no single beat in my hand, touched the nose to feel the breathe but all was in impossibility now. My prayer had been answered in reverse, it was in vain, my childless young brother had left this unfair universe with no offspring at all..My mother had ordered me to return a life son to her, but at 3am, her son had lost it all. The next morning I removed his body from the mortuary and set-off on a four hour journey to the village. I had to take back my mother's son, this time, silent in the coffin. No one could believe that, the boy who walked with me from the village to the hospital a week back had passed on. Agony misery disbelief has eaten and swallowed my pride and love because of this fateful year 2022 which claimed my own..

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