The Day That Holds No Light

Ese_Oscar2022/09/24 13:29

The poem illustrates the danger of acting on impulse.

On a bright morning, my back
kissed my bed the last
and out, my feet decide
To journey in the open

Faces by my side they passed
with smiles and a brief chat
hopeful of the things ahead
And things not sure about

Then a man, quite feminine in act
decides to swing a bat
a shot aimed at my mind
Crick, crack, it snapped

Friendly sport he was
and the Force insisted
I took the next shot

Mine, accompanied by a bang
was the game's very last
as the opponent fell
Too weak to play on

Referees in sirens and
uniforms, held me by hand
and led me to where
My prize I'd receive

The day the force drives
The day that feels blind
is the day that holds no light

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