OpeneCj2022/09/24 13:00

You have the power to change almost anything in your life, that you want to. Whether you use the power or not is up to you.


No one is born with positive passion. This power is ignited by inspiration,! That's why, people complain about things that they have the power to change.

The mind is a beautiful place and what you feed it can affect you in different ways. I advice you to always be filled with knowledge, because education is the pillar of power.

When you relief your mind from a particular situation, it's grip over you unfolds, because pessimism always leads to weakness, and optimism to power. Faith and love are powerful things when put together, for they work wonders.

Don't be afraid of your past, it has no power over you expect what you give it! .

So look to the future, cuz there is no weapon more powerful than the human soul set on fire.


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