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 Cafes N coffee shop in islo

              Coffee made its presence felt in Pakistan the day it was introduced alongside tea during tea-breaks at conferences, and at work. The coffee culture emerged in Pakistan after 2004 when the young people, lacking social activities, turned to the grand and elegant coffee houses that treated the tea-loving nation with the warm cups of coffees in an environment that is compelling and comforting at the same time.

              Here is a coffee lover’s guide to some of the best coffee shops in Islamabad.



                 Iced CoffeesCinnamon Roll Cold Brew Iced Coffee. Cold Brew Iced Coffee collides with our world-famous Classic Roll to form a little piece of heaven in a cup.

LOCATION,  1. Centaurus Mall, Islamabad.

Call: (92-51) 270-1792, 270-1793

2. Safa Gold Mall, Islamabad.
Call: (051) 846-1460





                  Second Cup offers good coffee and is a good place to hang out and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends and family


,Centaurus Mall,

Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad
Call: (051)-2701037




A great place to have good food. The place is quite and very clean. The food is amazing. You can work here all day with reliable internet.                                                                                                         

LOCATION,Kohsar Market

F-6/3, Islamabad
Call: (051) 282-3723

      Everything has changed from that point forward as new age of bistros, cafés, have jumped up everywhere on the Islamabad city. New cafés appear to be opening up each month, and the fever is spreading out. Numerous bistros, alongside espresso, additionally offer breakfast and early lunch to barbecued vegetables, from fresh servings of mixed greens and flame broiled food to sound and common food.                                                                                                                                                                       


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