My adventure in school

Bella bernard2022/09/26 12:18

It's about the adventures of a college girl in school

i reached my school around 8.0clock am. you know na after shaking hands with some of your classmate and knowing whatsup. when i entered the school i saw the assistant senior prefect catching late comers though she is not that strict. when she saw me she beckoned on me to come forward. she told me to meet her during break at the back of her class which is ss2. less i forget the name of my school is good shepherd academy. we have a very big field and a nice compound but a strict maths teacher. later i will tell you why i called him strict. as i joined the assembly i just stood at the back of one of my guy called aboby. which i later learnt the boy joined one cult during our ss3 but i will not press further cause it not necessary. well when i joined them the principal was just advising us bla bla bla. which we later entered our class. when we got to the class our class prefect told us to summit our maths note. but as i was going to my seat. my seat mate joy just called my name and was demanding i give her my note. which she said she will be coming to my house so i can elaborate more on the topic.i just waved that off my mind cause i know i cant do anything to her. but joy is a fair girl with figure 8 that everyone will love to have as a girlfriend. but the problem is that she dont give them the chance. i heard of one ss1 boy she slapped when he was trying to woo her. but that a story for another day. something shocking happened during break…well we didnt do anything cause of the junior waec we are preparing for. my classmate where just making noise while some where reading. i was just sleeping and didnt know when it was break. it was one junior student that called me and said that a senior student is calling me. i just stood up and followed him. immediately i reached at the back of class the junior student left. but what she did next suprise me. she just hugged me and i felt her soft boobs pressing against my chest.immediately i had an erection when she noticed the effect she was having on me she kissed me but i was carried away to notice corper bazim our social studies teacher though he also take only we the jss3 and also take the senior student government. he just smiled a wicked smile and told the both of us to lie down under the sun. as we where there i noticed her crying. i asked her sandra any problem and she said no but when i asked her the second time she said that she is xo sorry for what she caused to me in a way that made me forget my father name”lols” .

me:it nothing sandra i can do anything for you(did i just said that well lets see)



sandra: thanks a lot i owe you a lot.


we lay on the sun for the remaining hour till when coper bazim released the two of us and gave us purnishment to sweep the auditorium where we do write exam.

i told sandra to leave the work that i can handle it. but she insisted. uhh arrh pls F**k me” i want you to feel it deep inside me, hitting my cervix, slipping inside my uterus and filling it with cum!” that was the voice of my english teacher who i have been admiring..immediately i inserted my dragon into her and began pounding with no mercy. in the next 20minutes i felt my cum building up. as i shot my first load immediately i received a tap on my back and it was my mum she was angry with me for not getting to school by that time she was just annoying but as a good boy which i am i just kept quiet but as i was busy preparing for school i was not too strong cause of the reading i read in the night. which i later slept around…i just rushed my breakfast and put on my uniform which i have neatly ironed during the weekend and dashed out to school which my school is just a strone throw from my house infact we share thesame fence less i forget my name is benjamin onyia. but people call me professor because i am intelligent and am quiet. i am 7feet tall with a very nice hair style that always make me look handsome though am not the most handsome boy in my class but because of my quietness i always get the attention of girls but though they see me as a good boy which i am partially. my adventure begun when i was in jss3 during my junior waec.but let me not stress you about myself further but i will be explaining it as we go on…well. after the closing bell. we went straight to the nany and collected broom and started the sweeping.we did everything in silent and headed back home. but when i reached home i saw my mother washing my cloth something she hardly does. i just greeted her and went in. she told me that my food is in the kitchen but i dont really have apetite to eat cause i am happy or is it because of the kiss i received from sandra. well i just brought my sit outside and sat near my mom.but mum asked me a question i never expected.

mum; do you have a girlfriend

me: no.

mum; why am asking is that you are no more a teenager. you can now father a child. you have to be very careful o. maybe because she saw the hard pour i had in the morning that y she is saying all this. well after so much talking. i went in and saw a text message from an unsaved number. “ben pls can we meet in the school now its sandra its me sandra”.

me: reply the text are not serious.who gave you my number. immediately i sent it to her i switched off my phone.

well nothing eventful happened only my brother who came back disturbing as normal.

it was soon morning i just prepared and dash out to school without eating. when i entered i saw someone in my desk. and a girl for that matter crying. when i raised up her head i noticed it was sandra. i exclaimed sandra what happened.she looked straight into my eyes and said ben can you say you don’t love me

me:sandra not what you are thinking. I


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