Joseph M. Kings2022/09/23 08:09

Am in the streets making hits
Nobody knows my all things
Like when Am thinking twenty times
More than My haters who keeps
Sucking pussies in clubs like rappers
Using my name to make their traps

Am the legend born in my days
Nobody gonna stop me to be juicy
Making all dreams realistic
Coz am dramatic to be trusted
But still I leave Mark's behind
Am the next ruto to be elected

My ID says am twenty six years
Yet my printed snap looks younger
Like I never get tired to be old enough
To miss to calculate my days to be tough
In this world before my downfall
Of my next level higher than the Royals

They keep on asking why am cool
It's because my attitude has an issue
Of answering to a fool in a cue
Who keeps on asking why a tissue
In a toilet yet he has rolls in his pocket
That's why I love shots to the heads
With billion papers in a comfy rocket


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