Life At The Edge (L.A.T.E.)

GlamourboyGoga2022/09/22 09:15
Life At The Edge (L.A.T.E.)

Life at the edge my ship by the shores

Eyes straight ahead I feel the applause

It’s all in my head for me it’s a must

My dreams are not dead they hardly on pause

My team always ready for better for worst

For small or for heavy, okada or trucks

Account no fit red they minus turned plus

Because before I go bed I look to the cross

My life in your hands only you I trust

I’m at the edge got my feet off the dust

Snakes them on grass no room here for loss

Win win like Khaled na me them discuss

Their tongue be so deadly I’m blessed when they curse

They still trynna tempt me but I stay focus

I dropped out of Ed. now I am the boss

With my soul I pledge arise compatriots

Life at the edge my ship by the shores

We pray for the best yet expecting the worst

Goodbye to the dead welcome bring the force

I push till I’m dead don’t have no remorse

Don’t bother nobody, nobody disturbs

Because I’m not so lucky when I face the cops

Police is your friend Judas Iscariot

I must see the end because I was here first

I’m at the edge my back up the wall

Stamina red but I never fall

Now eye e red send you to the nurse

I’m blowing your head ain’t no teeth for the floss

No tooth wey want pierce me wey no fit rot

My life so interesting their own don the rust

I shine at the edge I shine in the dust

I shine to the grass my shine is a must


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