Strange Social Pandemics

Yeserathi2022/10/12 23:49
Strange Social Pandemics

Racism, fascism, tribalism, nepotism and many other ill-inspired 'sms-suffixed' movements and organizations, can be said to be diseases of the subconscious mind. This is because they literally tend to follow a similar pattern common with many ailments. This hate-filled movements display the signs and symptoms prevalent with some of the major epidemics in the globe. They usually begin like a minor infection which soon spreads out like a bonfire and affects a large group or the wider society.

Their cure or prevention therefore can employ similar mechanisms applied by health specialists when seeking remedies for some of this health problems. Some treatment involves doses being administered into the system through injections or oral intakes. Other times quarantine measures are put in place as a way of containing some of this contagious infections. Others involve extreme measures like amputations, or extractions of the affected parts or organs as the only solution .

Unfortunately some of the world organizations and other nationalistic movements are based on ideologies conceived in this destructive elements. The progenitors of this anti-human systems are people who are ready to derail and blemish human history with fanaticism motivated by racial stereotypes, or formated on pseudo-scientific concepts which in many cases is just pure wickedness manifested under the guise of science. Those behind this Scientifically distorted programs purposely pursue hidden motives which are carefully designed to create division and sow discord among the humanity.

The vectors of this social ills if not controlled at early stages may lead to irreparable damage to the host, or have catastrophic effects to other innocent organisms. There are times when this anti-human pandemic grows tentacles to a point that the very human existence is put in jeopardy . At this sad state, the only remedy of containing this life-threatening social epidemic may involve complete disposal of the infectious organism, into a bottomless pit, for order to prevail and bring about tranquility.

The good news is that the desired goals and objectives pursued by many of this venom spitting factions tend to hit the wall, as they don't fully materialize. They just create disturbances that upset the world for a while, but at the end have to pave way for the normal order to prevail. Even at their zenith moments, when at the summit, a strong force always counteracts to prove to the world, that this toxic schemes and false inhumane doctrines are just mere illusions packaged in vanity. External or internal factors at some point pop up to alter this wicked sequence. This factors at long last catalyse their eventual downfall and have them dislodged from their fortified centers.

The harmful effects emanating from this movements of doom do not only affect their immediate environment, but also pose many problems across borders. The consequences of their actions leads to escalations which ultimately have them face confrontations across many battlefronts. They unite opponents from diverse backgrounds, who are forced by circumstances to join hands as they aim to defeat this common enemy.

The opposing league rally together and make it their mission, to bring about the demise of this common scourge. The allies at this extreme moments resolve to shelve and put on hold any of their real or imagined differences. The situation deems it necessary to deal with the matter in the hand, which is eradicating this common adversary. The enemy of this stature and magnitude who threatens to trample down on anyone along the way, calls for establishment of advanced strategies as the only effective countermeasures.

The allies in their improvisations may find that their interests are served better by synchronizing their efforts and abilities. What is important to them at this stage is meeting their objectives irregardless of the means.With their goals and interests aligned, they focus all their blows with a view of surgically extracting this tumor which they consider as extremely fatal to their very existence. The course of action during this common and urgent mission , may necessitate them mounting the operation independently or simultaneously in achieving their objectives. The enemy at this point may try to mobilize everything at his disposal, but at the end after being engaged in all directions, gets exhausted and overwhelmed .

Eventually after being cornered and having all the energy and resources depleted, the only strength if there is any left is only confined to defensive measures or even the ultimate retreat. With his offensive capabilities severely cut down, he is forced by the now very determined assailants to embark on a retreating journey, back to the nervecenter of his initial aggression. He finally succumbs due to the many blows inflicted upon him. His ego may have him prefer the suicidal option, as he intends to guard his reputation as a fighter, rather than having to surrender, which is considered a disgrace by many warriors.The exit strategy of this plague in human form however does not matter, as long as the scam is swept away.

Sometimes the external forces may take way too long to respond to this social danger. They may even face numerous challenges and complications that may delay or impend their operations against this virus-loaded beings. This however does not necessarily buy meaningful time for their survival, as their exit is inevitable. There is no guarantee that the boat of this epidemic is going to remain afloat for long, its eventual capsizing is bound to happen at the very end.

The divisive nature of the doctrines behind this plagues comes to haunt the owners. Since fanaticism blinds the conspirators to the true effects of their machinations, they expose themselves to dangers of being misled or slipping to miscalculations . The fabric holding them being sewn using threads of hate and prejudice creates internal problems which rock the boat from within.

After all the mere survival of this entities is greatly dependent on picking on whoever is perceived as real enemy, or in absence establishing virtual foes. When left on their own with no common enemy on sight, the proponents find themselves with another task of creating a problem within to keep running, or as a diversionary tactic incase they fail to deliver their vague promises to their fanatics. This may force them to offload some of their compatriots which results into internal crisis leading to further division. Antagonizing factors introduced in the structure willfully or maybe by the invisible hand of the providence acting behind the scenes, may have this internal strife brew to a major conflict. The rotten structure through infighting crumbles and self-destructs. They finally get consumed by the fire they ignited and played with at the end.


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