A Drug Staircase To Hela's Lair.

Mit Thi Drugon2022/09/20 09:40

Two girls find themselves in the spiral zones of drugs, sex & violence.

Title ; "A Drug Staircase To Hela's Lair"

by Mit Thi Drugon

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"Ahh shucks! Okay here we bust another crack open!!" he said.

I sat there a little bit frightened coz he was like older than me & no adult was around. He drank & drank then offered me some but I declined coz I never had tried drugs before. He changed the TV channel & switched over to the next station.

"Whatchu wanna watch?" he said.

I could tell the liquor was hella puncturing his mind coz of the slow slurry talk.

Then I told him "Anything worth to watch & laugh".

I was creeped out now coz of the way he kept looking over at my legs. I was wearing a beige almost tight dress that was slightly above my knee caps & some space gray open toe sandals.

The room was hell hot, the fans weren't functioning so he took off his T-shirt, gosh I peeked once then twice I was fond of what I was seeing but I pretended to focus on the TV. He stood up & went to the freezer to grab a bottle with some clear fluid & settled it on the table right in front me. Oh, the freezer was busted the thermodynamics were off so it just kept things chilled & the sound it made was terrible than my bestfriend's snores.

I was confused, so I went for the bottle took a few tough sips & from the corner of my eye I could see him staring with his lovely black nigga eyes. Placed the bottle down like any other drinker out there, I could feel it burn my innards, felt painful than period pains. In a click I was up on it doing more sips. The guy was astounded & it so happened that I passed the bottle over to him silently, he took it like a man but I could see the struggle on his face.

The booze kicked in & took control of both my brain & body, next thing I was right beside him so close I could feel his soul fidget. He sparked a blunt & I snatched it off from him, took hella puffs like a drugie, lurched on his lap. His face was emotionless I could sense he was awestruck, puffed out the smoke on his face. His hands were about my inner thighs I could feel the warmth of his man touch, I smiled looking at his zipper coz I could see the rage of what was trapped behind it. I lifted my dress a bit higher to a point where my purple floral panties were visible.

We sexually wrestled till his lips intimately & passionately clutched with mine. I was so wet it was as if mountain dew was flowing down there. Snatched the remote torqued up the TV volume, drank more, puffed more, i got stupid. I pushed him off me, stood up slowly & seductively took my sandals off. Went on my knees & kept eye contact with him up till I reached for his zipper, fondled it, groped it as he groaned helplessly on the couch. As my right hand was car his lap my left hand softly stroked it again as I pulled down the zipper, & abruptly a loud knock issued on the door. I quickly sobered & sat right back on the couch with an uncontrollably throbbing heart, I was shaking. He stared at me as he staggered to the door.

"Who dat?" he said.

There was no response so he went for the knob & there stood Tisha & Moray, "We back!" they shouted.

Moray went on kissing his man & I sat there & felt like a slut, would've known better & abstained from the drugs. They walked in, Tisha had a smile,"Hey bestie, you good?".

Felt like barfing from self disgust so I gagged twice made it to the loo & I bet the puking was so foul. Came from the loo twice shitfaced with shame in my drunk bluish half open eyes. Tisha stared at me with a smile & Moray was about to burst into laughter though he didn't. Yes Moray was a guy. I felt sixfold disgusted by the homosexual bisexual shit that was going on. Moray was kinda effemate if you ask me, he popped a bottle of cough syrup & drained it down his throat looking all refreshed & what not. We sat, boozed more till the other fag passed out living the three of us in our wake. Tisha ended up getting shagged by Mor's gay dick, I wasn't horny I just wanted to puke more & more till I puked my colon out, trust me it was worse than any real crap I've seen. They did it without any protection they kept going slamming, moaning, groaning you name it.

Took hold of my shoes staggered to the door & sloppily walked out without looking back. Next morning I was in bed, Tisha laying on the freaking cold floor buttnaked, it was a catastrophic sorry sight trust me. They call it hangover & I had it that morning, it wasn't even morning it was about 12:43am, couldn't walk felt thirsty, numb, didn't know wassup with me.

Said to myself "Ain't drugging ever again!!", blinked like a frog with my mouth open facing skywards.

Sadly I opened my eyes & it was 15:12pm, & Tisha was up on the bed, the floor was a vomit fest, I felt the tingly tingly of booze in my whole freaking body. I wanted to piss so bad but I could see Tisha had no problem pissing on the floor where she was lying before. Yup, i did a troublesome two step, walking has never been hard for me before, felt like a baby practicing her first walk. Reached the loo, before I sat on the seat I squirted from both holes, it was diarrhea at large. Sat in there for like an hour or more coz I was sleepy, dizzy & weak,.. finally i jumped off the seat.

Screw you, there wasn't any toilet paper, NO FREAKING ASS WIPES UP IN THERE!!!!

Yeah you know, I pulled my panties up cautiously till they contacted the shitty mess, yup I threw up right there on top of that poo pile. Dragged my tired butt to the kitchen drank as much water as I could, the taste was vile probably coz of the gastric acids.

Went to check if Tish was breathing coz she just laid there like any dumb rock you've come across. The room was putrid, reeking of puke, farts, piss.. you name it. Opened the window but that didn't do no help. She twisted, turned & got up running in a frenzied mess to the loo & that's when it hit me, "Didnt flush my dump did I!", I knew I hadn't.

Heard the loud gasping & terrible trumpet sounds, yup serving hangover for everyone. Yah she had that pot belly, a nice sexy thigh gap, a booty thick enough that any skinny chick out there would wish to possess you know, yah. Umm her hair was a horror show, can't say much coz jizz was just running down her thighs, to my surprise she wasnt even bothered as much as I was by just peering at it, EWWWW EWW so repulsingly nasty!! Perhaps she was numb.

"Where my clothes at?", she asked & I nodded my head negatively.

Maybe she came in naked who knows shoulda asked the neighbors if they saw anything out of the norm. I crouched on the bed's edge tryna ponder how i got home coz I had that "blackout no recollection of events that took place" typa amnesia. Tish was just grumpy, edgy & hella angry. I stared at her put on some decent unironed clothes no bra or panties, kinda whory & skanky. Like "BITCH you look FILTHY as hell at least wipe that CUM off from your LEGS girl & do something with that BAD HAIR!!", didn't say that outloud it was just in my thoughts.

I walked to the loo & finally wiped my bum, flushed the chuck load of filth,... I wondered what plumbers go through when they unclog lavatories then rubbed it off my head. Came back, Tish was weeping.

"I got raped", was what she said & carried on to say "They took advantage of my state & pounded me, yelled STOP!! but they seem to have went ape crazy rampage deaf", she sobbed.

I was dumbstruck I didn't know if I should utter a word or do something useful. I approached her & snuggled her in my arms like any chimpanzee does to her little clueless chimp kid. Silently i consoled her as she kept grumbling about the event. Yup I was dead scared. I let her loose, she stormed to the loo, came back with her mascaraed pained cute face, dressed proper & took off without blurting a word. In a few hours i heard a loud bang as she barged in through the door, clothes tattered, face bruised, limping.

She smirked & said "Next time they won't mess with a drunk girl".

That terrified me more.

She narrated the whole unscruplous drama then I knew law-enforcing militia were definitely gonna be on their way over to our place. She was determined & I could see there wasn't any whiff of fear in her unstable mind, which made it more horrifying.

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