Eddril's Incubated Fantasies

Mit Thi Drugon2022/09/20 08:51

The plot centers around Edd who is an elderly man. Forgetfulness is his sickness.


A short story about Eddril.

Written by Mit Thi Drugon

Created by AphoticLabyrinth. Ink


The day was rather warm with a hint of sun peeping from the wavering lightly draped cloud cover. The smooth breeze was sweeping the loosely scattered litter off from the city's concrete pavements. Cars were wheezing in the greasy lanes back & forth, & meandering in the traffic. It looked like any other usual day on the congested pavements. One woman who was a few meters dragging behind me screamed & I thought some grity trampy pickpocketer had tried to nab her belongings so I ignored her cry for help. I walked for about two more steps striding forward & went bumping into some buffy guy, that's when I raised my face & saw people stagnantly dotted all over the streets with their faces directed skywards. Awe & terror was consuming their eyes. I instantly turned my back & straight up ran into a woman who had her jaws wide open with her chipped claw-like nails & her brittle index finger pointing in the sky. I paused for a second before I had the chance to lift my head up to meet the terrible wonder. People started screaming & running like some shockwave of chaotic roaches. I stood amidst the catastrophic happening confused glaring at the dreadful descending contraption. Loud noises & perplexity was all I heard as i stampeded for cover, the worst I had never imagined before was occuring right before me. People were skeddadling shouting with merciless cries of terror. "Alien invasion!", shrivelled some scrawny looking fella & I was certain earth was under attack. Mesomorphic robotical beings with uneven irregular limbs came down absailing from a gravity energy beam & landed on the ground. Panic was as contagious as any virus disease outbreak, before long an intense eruption of uncontrolled violence began.

Then I felt an arm budging on my shoulder, I drowsily opened my heavy eyes & met the oily pretty face of my psychiatry nurse.

She spoke as softly as she could saying, "Eddril you're zoning out again!", instantly I just knew it was my time to take my daily medication. I then quickly realized i was at the mental asylum so I pulled myself up easily from my creased sheets & set on my bed's edges recollecting the scenes from a lucid dream i just experienced.

...... AphoticLabyrinth. Ink ......

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