Life Span of a Bhagalpuri Chadar

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Every 3 out of 5 people think and inquire about the product’s life span before buying it. Are you also one of them who asks about the product’s longevity? Well, the answer is, yes, you are one of them. Almost every customer out there asks or studies the product’s life. Here we have explained the life span of a Bhagalpuri Andi chadar.


Most of the time it applies to home accessories and home appliances. No matter whether it’s a bedsheet, curtain, cushion cover, comforter, or anything else. Especially, if we talk about bedsheets and comforters, no one like to spend their money on all these. People look for those covers and comforters that last for a longer time. But only a few options are available in this category. One of those rare products is Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar.


Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar


A Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar is a traditional handloom product of ‘The Silk City of India’. It is also known as Bhagalpuri Chadar or Bhagalpuri Dull Chadar. The local native weavers of the city build this chadar. The weavers have got the weaving process talent from their ancestors as a gift. Two hundred percent organic staple yarns are twisted together to create this chadar. The fabric used in making this chadar is Viscose fabric which is a Silk and Cotton blended material. It is the fabric because of which this chadar is so famous. Both silk and cotton are natural fabrics, due to which this chadar is very comfortable. Also, the tiny holes present in the fabric help the skin to breathe. The silk material makes it the softest chadar in the market.


Life Span of a Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar


The life expectancy of a normal chadar is of about 1- 2 years at most. But a Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar has a very long life. The life expectancy of this chadar is of about 4 to 5 years. The user of this chadar says that they are been using this chadar for years. Usually, it does not get torn up. Also, it becomes softer after use.

For a long period of time, you can use is it for many different purposes.



USP of Bhagalpuri Andi Chadar




A Bhagalpuri Chadar is a multipurpose chadar. It can be used as a bedsheet, comforter, A. C. Blanket, and many more. The users of this chadar call it an All Season All Purpose chadar. They use it for home accessories, traveling, and gifting purposes. The fabric of this chadar makes it an extraordinary product. People outside India also started using this product. People belonging to Arab communities use it as a Safa (a piece of cloth used to cover the head).


Ideal for every age group


Bhagalpuri Chadar is used for different purposes by people of different age groups. Newborn babies and kids are wrap in this comfortable chadar. Young girls use it as a stole, while the older member of the family uses it as a comforter. Besides this, the women’s community uses this beautiful chadar in the form of a shawl. In this way, only chadar can be used by many people in the house.


Use in every season


Different fabric clothes and apparel are meant for different seasons. Some people use only cotton dresses, curtains, bedsheets, etc. during summer. Rayon or Linen products in monsoon and woolen products in winter. But a Bhagalpuri chadar is a product that is used throughout the year with ease. In the summer and monsoon season, it is used as an A. C. Blanket. While in the winter season it is used as a Shawl, Stole, Comforter, etc.




It is the fabric of Bhagalpuri Chadar which makes it a long-lasting chadar. Also a multipurpose and all-season all-purpose traditional beautiful chadar. The life expectancy of this chadar is very high. If used in a proper way it can last for about 4 to 5 years, and sometimes even more. The best feature of this chadar is that it becomes softer after every use. And it is so soft and comfortable that it is suitable for a newborn baby also.

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