Petrichor: His Gaze so Gloomy and Blue

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Petrichor: His Gaze so Gloomy and Blue

Summer is casted upon the Land 

It has been a decade sine the sand becomes so bland

Dreary that not a single tear has dropped to the ground

How the ambiance says such petrichor there is a sound

His gaze is ushered to the blurry images of his past

He sees a man so proud his silhouette so manic that even death can't accept any toast

Nights were his only friend; for the cries of pain can't be heard like it's all claimed by his throat

The boy sees this so blue but he can do nothing should he consider a veto

One morning, his face was washed with such crystal-clear water demanding the concealment from the trace of his night's fiasco

He is naïve yet his life and trait is a mere definition of the word Hanako 

Lifting his feet, he started traveling his way down toward the dining room along with a very significant man in tango

Everyone acted so normal like no words were heard nor shared; like them words were nothing alike to a stiletto

A fest was served on the table

Bowls and plates full of different types of fare is given to able

He swerved his way to the farthest end demanding distance from an "abominable"

The very act created movements, gazes were shared not so modest but tormenting to the boy

Not a single sound from forks and spoons broke the eerie air but a throat that was cleared 

An act so demanding such adjective gave torture to the boy sitting at the very end 

He shoved one piece from the fare but as the metal hits the given

He was seeing the words that were said to him so evil

Laughter, giggles, and unbroken simpers were shared throughout the fest table, but his eyes were hiddenly livid onto what he saw was a beast

The man wanted to travel north so he chose south

The man argued everything for the benefit of taking west so the boy knew best he took the east

The agony that not even a single ray nor the sun herself showed, pertaining the boy got east 

Jar of hopes; oh so he wished more than even just for once

But in this very season, he was given a dozen of soda cans; the amenity of sadness so bland

He is longing for something, for some feelings

Not just that, but in the bareness of his escapes he wanted someone to hold his hands that were getting cold; he wanted them warm

If he was going to be occulted, he wanted one that was unbreakable 

One that not any single best shaman ever live could lift or even tell a fable

He felt like getting hanged or blade was applicable

But, no. the shadows have words for him to be stable 

I whine was heard from a distance; his pet in a form of canine jumped and latched carefully in his safety

The bambino in his house that has not witnessed any score of cruelty from the harshness of reality

It stopped whining had it felt the tensed limbs of the arms that was holding him

He's got no bruise yet his hands were shaking, mut his limbs be reliving what his very heart is feeling

Quarter to eleven in the morning and he feels his stomach was bare, however, he had a meal no longer than an hour ago

It penetrates well his thinking till what he was holding got dropped onto one of his toes

Should he be like any other he would feel just itchy perhaps any pain yet his body hasn't gone brusco

He wanted to go back to the dine table yet he recalled what ensued not longer, he was dubious 

A letter is seen from the hand of a man though his Face was itched seriously into a Book his other hand was holding

From the boy's view of the man, he was in his late thirties 

It's like he was giving the letter embroiled of blue and white he was holding to the who has been waiting

And he wasn't wrong, he accepted the mail, thanking the man leaving to attend his other forte 

Upon opening, a scent so petrichor fragranced the air

There lay five texts; five contacts; those he valued as best mates

The two of them smelt masculinity

Others demand recognition of the opposites 

Warm greetings, advancements of dates, cheerful tabs and notes full of advices were visible

He knew best what treasure was; one that he felt cheered and cared

He wrote back after has his treasures put on read

No fixed date till the next arrival of the mailman yet he wished his mail to be delivered

His tolerance of waiting was admirable; he was a patient man

So as the chance to initiate a hug from the man he held gaze at the table earlier

Before the sun halted down and dusk to take over

His feet brought him to the man, with mouth agape, sitting in a chair exclusive for the balcony so dearly

No hints of any cans were on his view

Therefore, no chance or any reason available there was for anything to argue

He held gazes and not a minute his eyes turned askew

The ground this summertime won't share a tear or few

But in the midst of his trembled toe,

an arm so warm embraced him in delights

There were no words shared yet the warmth of each other credits

Surely the events that unfolded prior

was one of destiny's mere talents

Entangling the souls close to breaking points 

and make life amazing more interesting to live; 

surely life is interesting 

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