Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia stopped letting Russians in from 00:00 on September 19

Mashal khan2022/09/19 01:39

"Along with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, we have chosen to present general limitations on the travel industry for Russian residents to safeguard public request and security," State head Kai Kallas said on the Estonian government site. The passage boycott doesn't have any significant bearing to all residents..

While crossing the Latvian line, Russians face different incitements and "deplorable requests," RBC was told at the Russian Government office in the Baltic Republic.

Thus, as indicated by Russian negotiators, a few residents of the Russian Organization had to sign a specific proclamation censuring the Russian specialists.

"In the event of refusal to do this, as training shows, section can not exclusively be denied, yet in addition boycotted," the consulate said in a discussion with columnists.

The authority site of the Estonian government reports that Estonia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have restricted passage to Russian residents, incorporating those with Schengen visas gave by third nation


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