The Impious Woman

Blossomuyi2022/09/18 19:49

Like cheap commodity,

She is everywhere flaunting nudity.

With high arms and brain empty,

Singing Satan's song of seduction in the city.

Though, in her husband's house,

Her heart is in another's price.

Seeking life with opened legs

And spoils in her bags

Her words are like swords.

Peace, her family can't afford.

Her husband's heart is tore

And in her, there is nothing to adore.

Beneath her beauty, he can now see rottenness.

He sleeps with empty-stomach and heart heaviness.

Truly, beauty is vain and

An impious woman is a woe to her husband.

©Imoisili, Uyiosa Osagie

September, 2022


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