Why always girls and women are said to limit themselves..

Miss Samayra2022/09/18 03:06

Today we think the world has changed and people has changed but no it's wrong. Nothing has changed at many places today also women's are being stopped from fulfilling their dreams . Today also there are so many places and kind of people who juge a women if she really want to do something in her life if she wants to fullfill her dreams or if she want to come out from that place all women like her are being pushed back . Can I ask why ?? We all are spreading tags like respect women's they also have the right to live to do what they want. If a women takes a stand for herself then her family her husband's family stops her from doing so just by giving the so called tag with a question ❓ What people will say ? What society will say ? But I want to ask you all is it really true is it correct to do so . Let this spread wide and wide so that all can know this .



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