Owodaily Review 2022: True or scam?? Everything you need to know before getting started.

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owodaily review 2022||all you need to know to get started



today we’ll be looking into the platform to see if truly you can make real money with this OwoDaily platform.

And I’ll also answer questions like, “Is OwoDaily Legit or scam?

And other things you need to know about the platform since they started their business and what is all about.

There are so many ways to legit money online and one of the quickest ways to know a business that’s doing well is to spot what they are selling and ways they are selling it.

Oftentimes, when I see a business that promise what I look for is what they are selling.

If there’s no tangible VALUE a business is offering, then it’s only a matter of time until the business comes down crumbling!

So in today’s article, I’ll be doing a thorough owodaily review by unveiling how the platform works. And also how you can make money on owodaily platform and what value they are selling to their clients. Let’s get started

What Is OwoDaily?

According to them; OwoDaily is a digital jobs community or platform where its membership gives its users access to multiple streams of income online.

However, I believe the platform acts as an intermediary between providers of services and clients looking to buy a service at a given price price.

This platform brings two individuals together; the one that wants to get a job done and the other that gets the job done.

For every job you do on the platform, there’s a certain amount of money you’ll be paid when your job is verified and approved.

The money paid to users ranges from N10.00 to N2,000.00 per task upon completion. And everything will be credited directly to the user’s bank account.

OwoDaily provides the platform for clients that want to promote their business on Social Media then pays its users for carrying out the task.

Let’s say I want to promote my business page on Instagram. Or YouTube page to get more awareness and reach more people through Owodaily platform;

what i will do is to sign up on the owodaily platform as business(more this later) then buy credit and specify the kind of promotion I needed for my business.

If what you want is views, shares, likes, comments or simply followers on social media. Owodaily will break it down and make the tasks available for its users (workers).

[b]OwoDaily Review; How it Works[/b]

Basically what OwoDaily does is sell services and adverts to individuals that want to promote and market their business; which is the primary value or purpose of the platform.

If all users signing up with Owodaily do so to make money directly from the platform and there’s not enough individual (business) to run promotion then the workers (users) will be more than the task.

This simply means the money won’t go round!

Except you’re willing to refer people to the platform and I believe that doesn’t come easy for everyone.

But if it’s the other way round when there are enough individuals running promotions or looking to buy services, then everybody (Business & Workers) should go home happy.

So I feel it’s expedient for you to know this before creating your account either as a business or as a worker willing to make money directly from the platform.

I’ve actually created an account with them and outsourced the task to someone to do it for me and I indeed made money.

Soon, I’ll be looking into posting a job on the platform for my website and see how effective the task will be for my business.

[b]Types of Services and Jobs on OwoDaily[/b]

For those looking to make money directly from Owodaily or those looking to promote their business or buy services.

Below are the lists of jobs and services available on the platform:

[b]App/Website Review[/b]

New website or App creators can post the job of Web or App reviews on Google play store on OwoDaily.

This means if you have a new App and you want positive reviews and comments for the app on Google play store for better rankings you can post the job on OwoDaily.

For those that want to make money directly from the platform, for every review and comment, you provide for the app on Google play store, you’ll get paid accordingly.

[b]Creating Articles[/b]

Content creators or blog owners who want articles written can also post the job on OwoDaily and have users interested write it for them.

[b]Facebook Promotion[/b]

As a business owner on OwoDaily, you can promote Facebooks pages, posts, groups or any such using the platform.

However, you do need to specify the kind of action you want the workers to carry out. This could simply be a; Like, Follow, Share, Comments, Join Groups etc.

Once this is specified users as “Workers’ ‘ on Owodaily will be the one to carry out the task and they will be paid according to their action.

[b]Instagram Promotion[/b]

Same as Facebook promotion, any small business owner or those looking to grow their business on Instagram could sign up for Owodaily and have them promote their Instagram pages.

Simply specify the action you want the workers to carry out be it comments, likes, shares etc and everything will be done accordingly.

[b]Twitter Promotion[/b]

Just like the previous two, if you want to grow your twitter following or create awareness for your business brand on Twitter, Owodaily can easily do that for you.

[b]YouTube Promotion[/b]

As a YouTuber, myself I know the first 48 hours of posting your video on YouTube has a lot to do with how your YouTube video is going to go viral.

So if you want to promote your video on YouTube, you can post the job on OwoDaily and have the workers watch, like, share and comment on the video for you.

[b]Music Promotion[/b]

You can also promote sharing and downloading of new music on the platform and the workers will do so across their social media platform.

[b]Leads SignUp[/b]

For those looking for leads or email sign-up for their business, they can also post the job on OwoDaily and have the workers do so for them.

[b]Online Surveys


These are jobs where workers/users of OwoDaily have to answer a questionnaire about a certain topic.

By doing this, the owner of the survey will get their data and you that carried out the work will get paid for it.

[b]How To Make Money With OwoDaily[/b]

Now that you understand how the platform works, let’s have a look at the kind of ways at which you can actually make money from the platform.

#[b]1: As a Member[/b]

You’ll be granted access to OwoDaily upon successful registration and you’ll be able to carry out all the available jobs on the platform.

However, registration cost a flat fee of N3,000 of a lifetime to use the platform. Once you create your account and make the payment, you’ll be able to use the platform to make money online.

2: [b]As a Business


Once your access is granted and your account approved you will also be able to use the platform to promote your existing business.

This way, you’ll be one of the business posting jobs to be carried out by users of the platforms across social media which can lead to sales for your business.

Listing your business on the platform for promotion can help quickly share your brand across several social media sites and equally creates massive awareness for your business.

3: [b]As a Partner[/b]

As an OwoDaily partner, you’ll have the license to create and distribute gift cards on the platform for new and existing users.

However, for this, you do need to submit an application to get your licence approved before you can start distributing gift cards on the platform.

To get started as a partner simply send an email to “jobs(at)owodaily.com

#4: [b]As a Digital Marketer[/b]

You can also make money with OwoDaily as a digital marketer. If you have clients using your services to promote their brands.

Additionally, you can also sell your product be it a digital product or physical on the OwoDaily marketplace and leverage the OwoDaily audience. This mean affiliate on OwoDaily will be able to promote your product on the platform and earn a commission.

#5: [b]As an Affiliate[/b]

They pay over 50% affiliate commission when you refer someone else to join the first plan that cost N3000. Other plans on the platform like OwoDaily Plus will earn you N3000 flat affiliate commission.

When you also refer people to shop on the OwoDaily marketplace you’ll also earn a commission from it. However, every member is an affiliate by default.

[b]How To SignUp For OwoDaily


Once you’re ready to get started using OwoDaily, simply click below


[b]OwoDaily Activation Fee


OwoDaily membership fee comes in two plans. This includes the default membership plan and the OwoDaily Plus.

1. [b]Membership (N3000)


The default membership plan is a lifetime membership on OwoDaily. With this plan, you can refer several people to OwoDaily network to earn on the platform to work from home or anywhere of choice with just an internet-enabled device.

OwoDaily basically aims to provide legitimate means to work from home for individuals especially those with an interest in Digital & Affiliate Marketing.

Here are some of the things you expect while activating your Lifetime Membership.

*Access to Thousands of Workers

*Full Access to Our Digital Academy

*Opportunity to Earn as A Network Affiliate

*Access to 24/7 Professional Online Support & Member Benefits

To get started, you will need to complete payment for your one-time membership fee of ₦3,000 which grants your lifetime access to exclusive offers on OwoDaily Network.

If You wish to get OwoDaily Plus to promote Affiliate Offers for commissions and cash-back on their marketplace, choose the OwoDaily Plus.

[b]2. OwoDaily Plus (N13,000)[/b]

OwoDaily Plus grants you access to unlimited product and service offers listed on OwoDaily Marketplace.

As an affiliate, you’ll get to earn affiliate commissions for every successful sale and cash-back for personal purchases you carried out on the platform.

With the OwoDaily Plus, you’ll get your dashboard real-time reporting and a personal affiliate manager will help you as a:

*Content Creator



*Affiliate Marketer

To monetize your online traffic by selling Products & Services listed on OwoDaily Marketplace to your audience.

With this package, you get to partner with brands on the platform to earn good commissions on all products and services listed in their marketplace.

This comes with top-performing offers in Beauty, Health, Travel, Real Estate, Fashion & lots more. So basically, your annual subscription allows you access to the following:

*A Personal Account Manager

*Real-Time Reporting For All Sales

*Get Cash-Back On Personal Purchases

*Access To All Offers On The Marketplace

*See Global Top Performing Offers Available

*Higher Network Commission On Owodaily+ Invites

[b]To activate your account, you can do this in two ways:[/b]

1: [b]Pay With GiftCard[/b]

This will require you to buy a gift card from an OwoDaily partner that will generate a 16 digit code for you upon successful payment.

Once you have the code, you can then use it to activate your account and it will be active immediately.

2: [b]Pay Online[/b]

This is the most reccommeded method as it’s safe and faster, all you have to do is pay with your ATM card online and your account will be activated immediately.

Either way, both methods work perfectly fine.

Now, that your account is active you’ll have access to the digital jobs on the platform that you can do and get paid when completed and approved by the platform.

[b]How To Carry Out Task On OwoDaily[/b]

Upon login, you’ll have access to tabs that can help you find your way around the platform. This includes but not limited to:

*Find Jobs

*Finish Jobs

*My Jobs

1 [b]Find Jobs[/b]

Under this section, you’ll have access to the available jobs on the platform that you can do.

You’ll also see the progress of the job, that is, the total numbers of users that have applied for the job already.

All of the jobs have been pre-approved already, just simply click the “Apply Button” to apply for the job.

The next page will bring out the necessary information about the job and the proof that needs to be submitted after you’ve finished the job.

once you’ve finished the job simply enter the required information as proof of job done. This could be the name of the account you used or a screenshot.

2: [b]Finished Jobs[/b]

At this section, you’ll see the jobs you’ve done that are approved and yet to be approved. You’ll also see the rejected jobs as well.

3: My Jobs

This section is for business users or advertisers that want to use OwoDaily to promote their business.

From this section, you’ll see the progress on the jobs you’ve posted on the platform and how well the job is progressing.

[b]OwoDaily Review Conclusion


If you have the time and you’re willing to spare your N3,000 then you can give it a trial.

I did sign up to test the platform then gave my account to someone to carry out the task and I did make money.

So if there’s enough time to spare why not?

As usual, what do you think about the platform? Is it working for you or you’re yet to get started?


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