5 negative traits you should watch out for that leads to corruption and are capable of downsizing yo

Danholly2022/09/17 13:14

Corruption from the word COR-RUPTION means agreeing with, impressed at or togetherness with the breaking down or a destruction process. As a student there is an ultimate goal which is academic excellence which should not be jeopardized by giving room to any form of distraction. Corruption transcends from a corrupt individual to a corrupt society, thus making the whole system almost corrupt. There are several agents enhancing corruption amidst student

I have the whole time to myself

That is not true because time waits for no one, other unforeseen circumstances might just pop up which you might have no control over, then you have uncompleted tasks. Procrastination steals your time, therefore spend your time wisely and you will be happy with the outcome

No need to study

Probably you see studying as a waste of time while you can manoeuvre your way to success by engaging in academic fraud and insincerity. Time will surely distinguish between a cheat and a hardworking student

Lack of focus

A lot of distraction are out there competing with your academic pursuit like social media, peer pressure quest for knowledge and so on but its left to you to stay focused, make your priorities right, set achievable goals and be ready to be successful under whatsoever condition

Am of age and ready to explore

Growing into maturity involves a lot of psychological process and could be so challenging if not handled properly, guidance from an elder with a success story will help pass through this stage with less trouble

Quest for reverence and recognition

A lot of students seeks to be reckoned with, feel superior to others and be famous thus joining groups to achieve these. What they get at the receiving end is far more than what they planned for but then it will be too late with several repercussions to face

All of these agents mentioned above might be very familiar but there is a need to check yourself, consciously work on that aspect you are faulty as a student and seek redress because the young shall grow and make do of their habitual character to live in the society

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