The Time Table

Blossomuyi2022/09/17 10:37

We are programmed;

From infancy to adulthood for monogram,

To climb clinging on life's ladders

With closed mouths and opened ears.

Like sacrificial lambs, we follow.

The time table bestow.

We are tossed up and down,

To fit into the time table own.

Even in the tough rough situation,

We cling to the allocation

With bitter smiles to please programmer.

Sharply, we loss ourselves lower.

While dangling, we fall out,

Tired of the time table drought.

Madly, the programmer screamed.

No delay, cling fast, you are schemed.

Bending for a pause, we drew our time table

In line with God's purpose and calling cable.

The wind whistles and the sun smiles

To welcome us to aisles.

Working wittly with joy in dreamline,

We tremble stumble, they laughed our decline.

Refusing to return to our vomits,

Time and time, we climb to our summits..

©Imoisili, Uyiosa Osagie

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