Fantasy Khiladi Ludo : An Engaging Ludo Android Mobile Game for Friends and Families

Mukesh Jain2022/09/17 06:16

FK ludo is a virtual multiplayer game that has crossed the 1M download mark. People play FK ludo to win money. It is a new way to earn some side money while having fun. Students, homemakers, and anyone can play this game and win real cash. One can even become a professional gamer if one practices enough.

Fantasy Khiladi Ludo : An Engaging Ludo Android Mobile Game for Friends and Families

The daily active user rate is 100k+. Fk ludo recently added a new feature in the game. The new timer mode helps players set a timer for every game they play. Fk Ludo team regularly updates the software and game UI. The team introduces new and exciting features to make it challenging. Challenging games mean more fun and enjoyment.

Players love the intuitive UI and enhanced graphics of the Fantasy ludo game. There is a 2-player mode and 4 player mode. Players can even play by themselves. However, one must play online by entering a game session to earn money. 1M people trust this game application and are using it regularly. It has safe and secured game policies. Easy and fast transactions are one of its features. It is a 100% authentic game with rules and robust software.


Some important details regarding the FK ludo application:


Developer: Achiever Cloud Solution Pvt. Ltd.


Year of Release: 2020


Application type: Online game


Available: Official FK ludo website, Apple store, and Play store.


Some important Features of the game

●            Play "real cash money" on the Fk ludo for a few minutes a day to earn money. Features like instant withdrawal and daily bonuses make this game the best. The daily withdrawal rate of users is around 10-5000 rs per day.

●            The game has a new timer mode to help set time limits for the games. It makes the game more challenging. We keep introducing these new features to enhance game quality.

●            Battlegrounds for players who want to play privately and earn money. Players can invite friends to the battlegrounds you create. Gamers can also play with other users.

●            Gamers can also earn money through referrals. Users who refer the game to their friends and family through social media platforms get money. On every single referral, players get RS 10.

●            You can contact the Fantasy Khiladi team 24*7 if you have a query. The Fantasy Khiladi team gives instant response and clear your queries.


"I love FK online ludo game. It is a fun game, and I enjoy playing it with my family. The game has good graphics and doesn't buffer. I was already looking for an interesting side hustle. FK ludo is the exact platform I was looking for so long. I earn good money by playing it daily and through referrals and other activities in the game. It has many game modes and amazing features. All-in-all I am very happy that I found this game" - A happy FK ludo user said this in regards to the game in the review section.


About Us:

Fantasy Khiladi PVT. ltd. creates games for the entertainment of people. FK ludo has managed to win over a million hearts already with its amazing features and graphics. People love playing games online, especially ludo since it is such an old game and can be played with the whole family. However, online ludo has a twist and can be played to earn money. Our daily users earn Rs 5 to RS 50 every day.


Our users are of every age, race, gender, and job. It is proven that games can help people de-stress. Games like ludo if played with family or even alone can be the best chill space.



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