Charlie2022/09/16 13:14

My Own Poetic Anarchy (MOPA)

Nobody has the right to judge me for anything I do, from the next few hours

As the sun rises

As its rays hit my skin

As the blinds open and curtains close

A two way street

I make my own choices

Curse, shut out

Shout, scream

I am my own boss

I own my life and ... Heart

I am I that looks out for she who resides in me and the other five

I am protector of my seven selves

I am love and hate nonexistent

I am charged and drained

I stated, a two way street

I am joy and pain

Sorrow and happiness

I am sadness, grace and ... Love

I am morals and patience

Heartache and misery

I am greatness and failure

A two way street

I am madness and passion

Glory and disgrace

Pity and passion

I am pain

Holiness and sin

I state, a two way...... Street

I am benediction and malediction

Blood and water

Oil and greens

Decadence from life

Destroyer and creator

Lover and betrayer

I am pain

Love and hate

A two way street



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