One-to-one correspondence

Nova2022/09/15 05:16

"There is one-to-one correspondence among points on the number line for every real number," said my Math Lecturer in one of his Lectures. He was explaining how every number has a place on the number line. However big or however small, the numbers have only one spot.

This reminds me of a movie I watched in high school: I want to eat your pancreas. One of the characters says, "Each day is worth as much as the day before it. That is why the value of today doesn't change based on how I spend my time."

I kept thinking about the difference between how we believe life should be and how it is. We never consider that on the number line of life, there is one-to-one correspondence among people. Our fables are worth as much as our failures. We desire to live multiple lives without realizing that we have only one spot in life.

How do we tell our souls that life is not a puzzle to solve? How do we make ourselves believe that what we have is all we need? Maybe we misunderstood the philosopher when he said, "Unexamined life is not worth living." Maybe examining life has nothing to do with knowing everything there ever is. Maybe it is knowing the worth of examining life.

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