Understanding The Basics Of Principles

Spectacle Love2022/09/14 11:12

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Understanding The Basics Of Principles

Principles are fundamental truth wired into every systems in the universe, for effectiveness and efficiency.

Principles are original truth that puts the systems in the universe in order. Principles helps everything in the universe (the system and the people in the system) to function properly. Everything in the universe was built by principles and works by principles. From your mobile phone to your house to your car to your gas cooker to your private jet. The sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the solar system, were built by principles and function by principles. We don't create principles, we only discover them. Principles are hidden in creation. We discover principles through revelation, research and studying. Principles are neither good nor bad. Principles are neither moral nor immoral they are amoral. You can't break principles, you can only break yourself against principles.

Principles are not interested in your opinion, they stand firm.

When you obey, you get the reward of the principle but you get the consequences when you do otherwise.

Thus, reward and consequences are wired into principles naturally. Principles are different from the man made policies, rules and regulations or constitution. Principles are the dot connecting the universe. The earth is suspended in space by a principle. Because we do not know it does not mean it does not exist. Whether you know them or not principles are everywhere in everything. Remove principles from the universe and all you have is crisis and chaos. Principles do not feel cold or too hot, they are invisible laws that guides the universe. The only thing that can override a principle is a superior principle. Principles are in levels. If you jump into the river you will sink but a proper ship will not. Every ship is built by the principle of flotation.

The advancement of humanity depends heavily on the nature of the principles we are able to discover.

Thanks for reading.

Samuel Ayiwonuola Kings

( Spectacle Love).


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