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A love story for you

story title: my lost love

By Doris’s OluigboXyla Gilbert 

Chapter one ;

Location; L.A . Xyla’s home

Sunday morning

Beep beep.. xyla jerked up from her bed

Thanks to her alarm.

It was a Sunday morning and she has to prepare for Sunday service

She hurriedly went to the bathroom to take her bath, she noticed she had pimples in on her face..she cursed angrily 

Xyla POV

I woke up feeling sick, I don’t care. I must surely go to church today or else my mom will gimme a hell lot of shout 

I rushed to my bathroom..

‘’oh shit’’ I cursed 

Why am I seeing all these pimples on my face 

I hurriedly took my bath 

Brushed my teeth 

And rushed out to rub my cream

Hello guys 

My name is Xyla

I’m 19

I stay with my parents 

The only child of Mrs Helen and Sir Celestine Gilbert, I’m in 300 level

But planning to change school since we are relocating soon. That’s just great 😊

Back to Sunday’s preparation 

I wore my red gown and  black strap sandals when mom called on me

‘’Xyla!!!’’ My mom yelled 

“Yes Mrs Helen’’ I replied

I liked calling her by her name LoL. That gets her quite pissed but she should be used to it 

‘’Get ur silly ass down here baby girl’’ she growled 

I didn’t bother replying her 

I seriously needed to wear my makeup and look good



We arrived at St. Peter’s Catholic Church 

I followed mom and dad to the 8th roll 

We actually came late and about 300 pair of eyes were on us, the priest abruptly stopped talking for a while we sat down,we cared less...immediately we sat down he continued with his sermon 

I wasn’t understanding what the priest was saying

I was getting bored already, just waited for the service to elapse so that I can get home and get enough rest 


Slyvester Erics

I’m Slyvesyer Erics, Sly E for shorts 

I’m 22 in 300 levels likes playing basket ball, the first son of my family.  I have an annoying younger sister named cloe🙄

She’s 20 and I have a billionaire single mother

Anyways my dad is lat

Location; Sky’s home

Finishing with my shoe lace 

I dashed out to my room. Passed my Mom’s room 

‘’ Happy morning Mrs Eric’s, I’m rushing off to school ’’ I bellowed 

‘’Same darling boy.. get back early, no late nights alright ?’’ she said 

I couldn’t reply that because I knew I was sure gonna get home late.r


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