Relaxing and motivation

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Relaxing and motivation

Motivation is an important part of any human life. When you go somewhere, it can be a great pleasure if there is the possibility to relax and enjoy the surroundings, but most often, people need some motivation and inspiration to do what they want to do. Motivation can be different types such as personal or business. Some motivational activities include working out, having children, studying English, learning how to cook, and becoming good-looking. It's also normal for people who need the motivation to read or write articles and books to understand some material better, which will increase their knowledge. Nowadays, many motivational exercises exist and help a lot of people to improve their skills. For example, some students will take this course to have more scientific knowledge.

Motivation in our everyday life, sometimes we need some motivation, but we can't get a reward from it, so why do we want more? I don’t know. Maybe we should stop thinking that I need a reward. The solution is simple. We have no reason to reward ourselves because we have all the things without even noticing that we need them and we are not satisfied with everything. But maybe I could get something from it or maybe I have some goals that I want to achieve. If we can achieve those goals then we will feel good and motivated at least. Also, we have different levels of satisfaction with our achievements, some of us can get a reward and others cannot. In other words, when it comes to some goals you need a stimulus that is motivation. What kind of stimulus can help you to get a reward? There are different kinds of stimuli as well. One of the most common ones is self-talk: when we talk about goals, we usually say something positive or even tell a funny story. Sometimes we say something negative or tell someone what we did wrong because we need someone to remind us about it and try to avoid making mistakes again. Motivational speaking means that there is always something to look forward to. You can have a pleasant speech or a conversation with the people at work, but they will lose interest in your words and turn away from your advice.

So, it is up to us. This way, we don’t need to think about anything else than success and happiness. At least, the person who has more successful goals than others will give a stimulus to his/her thoughts as well. That’s what happens in my case. I was quite successful last year because I studied hard and reached all my grades for high school. So I decided to study at least one college level. My friend said that I wouldn’t like it too much. He was right! After graduation, I went to New York and got an interview. The moment I entered college, I didn’t pay any attention to anyone. I was eager to concentrate on my studies and get as much information as possible. On the day of the test, I felt exhausted, I couldn’t concentrate on my studies and it wasn’t easy. I made my mind up that the exams will happen and I would have to prepare well. I forgot about my motivation because when we go to an exam, we talk about the goals and we don’t have time to enjoy the atmosphere. As soon as I finished my test, I started talking about the next one. Suddenly one teacher came into the class: “Thank you very much for the second test! I had to make up answers and hope to achieve that goal. Every day I faced a new test and then another one. Then I needed to get a passing mark. However, my friends were also anxious about me and thought that I made up false answers. They thought that the exam would be really difficult and impossible for me to pass. After the exam, I realized that it was harder than it was expected, but I didn’t want to give up easily. Moreover, my goal was achieved and now I wanted to keep going. Another test soon, then another until finally, it became two weeks. I started doing extra lessons and reading for pleasure. I liked it very much and I passed the first two exams.

I had different reasons for passing the exams. First, to earn money and earn money. Second, to live a comfortable life. Finally, because everybody thinks about money. To earn money and be happy, you need to get rich and have a big house or an expensive car. These two reasons are important because satisfaction will never come by giving false information to help you earn more.

I never knew that I am really happy without motivation and encouragement. How can I get some knowledge and earn money at the same time? I need motivation. Without money, I can not work at all. Without a place to live, I cannot attend classes. With money and education, I can study and write and have the desire to progress. I learned that motivation is a key to success. I saw a couple of good examples of famous personalities such as Steve Jobs. A talented businessman and visionary, Steve jobs is now a billionaire. But he didn’t start his success with a huge amount of money. He did it slowly and gradually, and still today, he is a popular entrepreneur. His passion for technology and the company Apple are very special.Let’s learn a bit more about how to motivate yourself. According to research, motivation is connected with three aspects: intrinsic, extrinsic, and effective. Intrinsic motivators are what are within you. It involves inner drives and tendencies such as curiosity or love. The main objective is to fulfill these internal needs to attain higher levels of energy or satisfaction. Extrinsic rewards can be from others. Such as monetary gains in results of academic performance or social status, awards, praise or recognition, fame or fortune. Affective motivators include physical, social, psychological, and emotional. According to scientists, people show more interest and enjoyment when they experience emotional stimulation such as a fun meal with family and friends. Therefore, it is easier to keep going.

Motivation should help us stay focused and reach the highest level of productivity. We must act because we have some problems and we need inspiration. Motivation is a vital factor in every sphere of life and, fortunately, it is present in everyone. The motivation you give yourself will determine your future results, but we should not underestimate the importance of motivation! Of course, I can think of a lot of ways to motivate myself, sometimes it’s enough to just feel good about yourself and give thanks for a little progress. I don’t believe that I always need to motivate myself, I can only give a little.

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