Man dave2022/09/14 22:28

For the girl child whose dream is becoming shattered by the miserable hands of those living around her. For th the girl child who's dying in pain day by day. For the girl child whose molested life has become a daily bread.



Beautiful she is

With her effervescent flowing eloquency

Beyond that of the never-ending sea

Empathetically looking at things

There lingers a burning pain in her Iris

That a mortal being nakedly sees

Her pains she canopied

To impede heart invaders

From their unpredictable ruthless deeds

She's been victimized countless times

Laid into ambush and muted

To unvoice out her plight

Day by day , she plays sorrowful mimes

Because she was sore afraid none would hear her out

But tell me!

What would happen to Beauty

If she wander about?

It's such a pity

That her hair is jagged like a lout

What will we say if at the end she falls?

What shall we do to make her stand Strong?


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