Butterfly Beach Goa - Everything You Need to Know.

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Butterfly Beach Goa - Everything You Need to Know.

Butterfly Beach is a stunning stretch of coral beach full of freshness and, of course, lots of butterflies. For having a wide range of trees and plants, this tropical hide-out attracts a charming variety of butterflies. Butterfly beach is also popularly known as Honeymoon Beach as a lot of honeymooners and couples come here for a secluded vacation. Butterfly Beach is also one of the few places in Goa to sight the playful dolphins. Talking of the aquatic life of the Butterfly Beach, it would be criminal not to mention dolphins that can be seen playing near the shores of the beach. In a perfect and amazing world of South Goa paradise beaches this nice piece of coast is single, lonely and solitary. Golden sand at the foot of high rocks, which surround the Beach with a dense ring from the land, will easily make you feel like you're in heaven. This beach is not well connected to the rest of Goa. To reach this island, you are required to come via water. One needs to rent a boat from the Palolem beach or Agonda Beach to reach here. Palolem beach can be reached via road, through taxis and buses.

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