Chapter 5 - CHAPTER --5---i cooked some noodles

Kilian 042022/09/15 01:08

After some minutes of my comforting she finally calm down said thanks like a hundred times before entering her apartment.

God knows what she was doing few minutes after she entered I can here tools clanging...hummf....I sighed as I make way to my one bedroom apartment,which only contain my 4×6 student bed,a reading table and some of my clothes scattered all around.

"Ding" the sound I have been waiting for finally rings.

"Congratulations host for completing the task"

"Ding"5,000,000 dollars has been remitted into your account details ending 4205.

"Ding"Eye of divinity will now bind with the host".

I felt series of information entering my brain some seconds later I felt some pain in my eyes.

fu*k you,system,you never said it will be this painful.....I cursed.

"Ding" Eye of divinity successfully bind with the host.[Eye of divinity serves as an affection meter,10--40 signifies hate(I mean absolute hate)40--60(talking terms)60--80(friends)80--90(love)90--above(in reakable bond)skill will level up when system upgrade.

"Ding" system task released"

Task--Fuvk Sarah Nomad(landlady) tonight.

duration ----42 hours.

Rewards--system upgrade(level 2)

Parkview Villa No 1


Hand of ecstacy.

muah.....system you are so good...ah...ah.......I said to the mechanical voice.


I looked at the time,it already eleven in the midnight,who is at my door this night I thought.

who is there.......I said

it me,Sarah .......a thin sweet voice said from the other side.

I opened the door not even asking what she was doing at my door on the midnight,as I opened the door what welcomed me was a jasmine scent she stood there in her pajamas that has an inner of transparent linen and outer of lace.

my eye never left her chest since I opened the door,those big tits are crying to me to release them from the cage she put them(her bra)for a moment I have the impulse to grab those tits.

I cooked some noodles.........she said with a red face.

oh.....I said

I don't have food stuff at home,so I made noodles,I don't know if you will like to.......she said with her face getting redder.

I don't really know how a 30 year old woman is blushing this heavily.

ofcourse.......why not........I said trying to say the right words.

okay...come on then..........she said with a smile, obviously she was happy I didn't reject her.

She lead me to her apartment,the only two bedroom apartment in the whole dormitory,she has a 40inches tv in the living room,two seaters set of leather chairs,her kitchen was neat and tidy I even thought she wasn't using it,the dinning room is simple compared to everything in the apartment,the whole apartment was filled with her jasmine body scent,my room compared to her dinning room is a rubbish not to talk of the whole apartment.

After checking out the whole apartment including her bedroom which I took a sneak peek at while she was busy doing God knows what in the kitchen,I started checking out her round ass.

I will grove that ass tonight......... I said to myself.

it finally ready........she said while carrying a pot of noodles to the dinning table,she is like a serious housewife taking care of her husband..

After filling my stomach with the noodles and my eyes with the scenery her chest was displaying,which I know she noticed and she blushed.

hughh......I groaned In satisfaction.

thank you sister Sarah.........I said.

wuwuwu.........do you think I am stupid,Zac........she said

what!!!!........why are you saying that........I said.

why did he do that to me,I use to love him.....he cheated on me,am I not beautiful enough.....she said.

what!!!!!!!!??? this time I was flabbergasted

what!!! that asshole cheated on you.........I said while pulling her closer.

Am I not beautiful,Zac......she asked.

Who said you are not beautiful,you are one of the most beautiful woman I've ever seen..........I said.

am old,right.........she said dejectedly.

what!!!! I know you are in your early thirties but you look like a twenty years old young woman.......I said.

who ever makes you sad deserves a beating..... I said make a fist.