Dave Sun2022/09/10 07:17

“World as i was born into,

They called me an animal;

Because i only hunt in the night!

I lived my life as a predator all the time,

Hunting and killing to survived;

My power; my wolf form!

Manifesting as i can feel it running in my veins.

My adrenaline urge to kill!

Hitting myself against the tree to stop the pain,

But it only makes it becomes worst and more worst.

I scream and howl loudly,

The pains i can feel it;

My power i can't control it!

Blood! Blood! Blood!

I can hear it inside my head.

My long teeth gnashing,

My long ears limping around;

My nose sniff as i keep on howling aloud.

The pains triggering in me!

The full moon 🌕 isn’t good for me,

My anger keep on boiling!

I could heard and smell things from far distance;

As i started running down deep into the wood,

And then i follow the scent targeting my spot!

I groan slowly as i jumped,

Slamming myself hard on the hard floor;

Trying to be fast as possible i could!

Flash light ascended towards my direction,

As i look down seeing what just about to happened;

My eyes were as sharp as i keep on looking,

I spot them coming towards my direction;

They had been hunting me for so long,

Trying to catch me and cut me into half;

Another arrow flew as my direction!

As i quickly dodged it,

And kept on staring at them for so long;


That is what they are;

Hunting werewolves like me,

I keep on running away from them!

As they keep on pursing me,

That wasn't so long,

I was surrounded by them;

I couldn't escaped from them any longer.

As they make their way up to me,

They were with torches, guns, swords, arrows and some archery;

I knew that i am going to die!

I'll be dead soon;

As i awaited for my death.

An arrow got struck in my back as i screamed,

It was go painful!

As i feel the pains;

I stood up trying to be brave,

As they released another bullet which hit my leg;

And i become so weak immediately,


The only thing that can triggering my power!

Or i rather say killed me.

I fell down not able to move,

Then suddenly i heard a growl;

The hunters were seen on the ground!

Laying down steadfast not moving at all.

I looked and behold i saw a pack of them,

They were busy looking at me;

With my weak voice i called out.


They began to walk towards me,

As two of them hijacked me placing me on their shoulder;

I was very weak; my body trying to fight the poison,

As i found my eyes trying to closed!

But as i expected; I stop breathing instantly;

I was gone!”


Solely Written And Composed By Dave Sun



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