awakening of love

Enid Enilora2022/09/09 08:08

The course of life requires that there should be a balance between good and bad. Whereas we cherish the good times we must always give the same appreciation for the bad times.


I spoke to you words from a love sonnet

I wrote to you words from a love stricken heart

I watched you drift toward me like a broken twig in the gentle wind

I touched the words from me to you..

Wondering if the awakening of a love already began.

I talked to you from a lover's P.O.V

You texted me from a beloved's war side,

Slowly eating away the barricade that only exists between strangers

Eventually coming to a full cycle where I know you like no one else

Where you know me like no one can

And I'm here wondering if the awakening of love had already moved to a full blaze.

I held your hand from my side of your bed

You stroke my hair with a lover's soft gaze

Slowly we'd reached iron like trust

Gently we'd closed every gap between us

You said you couldn't wish for more

I agreed, wondering if the awakening of love had reached its pinnacle.

I had a dream that you were unfaithful

You had a dream that I was distrustful

You spoke to me words of uncertainty

I spoke to you words of anger

The gentle wind turned furious

The trees were fallen,

Eventually erecting new barriers between us

I'm here wondering...who tore us apart!

You turned your back to me in your bed

I put pillows between us on that bed

You refused to speak to me

And I refused to be the lover with no pride

You thought I'd left you

I thought you couldn't be kept

But I'm still here wondering if love alone is enough.

I remembered your laugh with a pang in my chest

You remembered the whiff of Jazmin from my hair

I spoke to you with my gaze, with my touch and my heart

You spoke to me with your gaze, with your touch and your heart

and so the unfolding of love has it's pitfalls

But when the barriers are overcome it's enough.

Enid Enilora


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