Lets Me not Be Ashame

Blossomuyi2022/09/08 21:47

I am not perfect

But I strife to work on my defect.

Like a mother hen, I protect my crown

From peering eyes, praying I fall down.

Their cheering are mere adulation

They gaze not for admiration

But for disappointment

I see eyes filled with resentment

Like an ant, I work diligently.

Knowing, they are working tirelessly,

To steal my crown and erase my name.

Dear Lord, let me not be ashame.

Ears earnestly waiting for my fall,

Dear Lord, your name I call.

They are plotting to steal my crown

And see me on clean rags in town.

© Imoisili, Uyiosa Osagie.

September, 2022


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