Fasuyi Marvellous2022/09/04 15:18

Vanity upon vanity

All is vanity

Nothing remains for eternity

Thou with a famous identity

You let it affect your sanity

You don't squarely the reality

Because you think fame lasts for eternity

So you lack a vision

And think not before you take a decision

About how to positively affect your life

Without doing crazy things

You are a nonentity

Not because you've got fame

But cos you fail to realize that

Nothing lasts forever

At the end of it all

Your fae is forgotten

More than you were when you were begotten

And unknown globally

All becomes vanity

Because one generation passeth away

And another generation

You an epitome of beauty

With ravishing beauty

That takes pride in vainglory

Keep this in your memory

All is vanity

Beauty fades

But power remains

The ugly old headmaster was once an handsome young boy

Every beautiful thing has its moment

And then passes away


The most beautiful things are the most useless things in the world if misused

Wealth is a power

Usurped by the few

To compel the many

To labour for their benefit

You live life without thought

You show your wealth by extravagance

Know this

That man is the richest

Whose pleasures are the cheapest

Ill gotten wealth will one day vanish

Vanity upon vanity

All is vanity

Do not because of fake identity

Soil your chastity

And create enmity

Between your mind and conscience

Because all is vanity

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