Group VS Private UMRAH package

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Group VS Private UMRAH package

Umrah is an individual’s obligation, but one can go on this spiritual tour alone or in a group. Many organizations are working to facilitate the pilgrims for Umrah performance. Many packages such as September UMRAH Packages are being announced to facilitate the pilgrims. These packages are designed in such a way that some of them are providing facilities on an individual basis, and some are on a group basis. Let’s discuss some of the significant factors of the group and private packages for better understanding.

Private Packages:

Private packages mean all journey arrangements are made according to your wishes are requirements. From booking tickets and accommodation to other facilities, all arrangements are designed to accommodate you personally. If one cannot go in a group package on a specific date, you can avail of the private package facility according to your facility. Especially for one pilgrim who wants to go with family, Private packages provide them the best facility accordingly. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Private Packages mentioned below.

Pros of Private Packages:

-You can arrange things as per your timing schedule.

-Customized package facilities are available in private packages.

-Book an air ticket according to your own choices such as an economy or business class ticket.

-Book a nearby Hotel with facilities as you required.

-A family visit can be better managed, in private packages

-One can arrange private transport to visit the historical places in Makah and Medina.

-One can focus more on his prayers and obligation

Cons of Private Packages:

-Private packages are more costly rather than group packages.

-You are on yourself in the whole journey to manage the thing as you prescribed.

-Ritual performance needs gaudiness which is difficult when you move alone.

Group Packages:

Group packages are specially designed for those persons who cannot bear high traveling and accommodation costs. Tour operators arrange for such groups to move as a unit. They arrange combined accommodation and food facilities. Same they manage all traveling arrangements as combined to reduce the cost. These groups gather for the same purpose and share their thoughts with each other. These groups help out each other in difficult times, such as if one gets ill or needs some assistance they come together as a team. Most of the people wait for December and choose Cheap umrah packages 2023 as packages become cheaper in the month of December. Let’s discuss some of the positive and negative elements of Groups Packages.

Pros of Group Packages:

-Group packages are less costly as compared to private packages.

-In groups, all pilgrims work like a team to help each other in difficulties.

-Group packages motivate those pilgrims who are afraid to travel alone.

-Group members guide each other for a better understanding of Umrah’s rituals.

Cons of Private Packages:

-In group packages, members come from multi-cultural backgrounds so sometimes it becomes difficult to develop harmony.

-Sometimes in groups, personal focus on prayers and intention towards supplications lose the motivation.


Private and group packages both have their own advantages and disadvantages. All matter depends on each pilgrim’s capacity and resources. But here it is advised that if you are moving with your family you should go for a private package through a trustworthy tour operator. And on the other hand, if you can manage things and can cooperate with other members, group packages will help you to save your money and will provide you with some new companions on this spiritual journey.

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