Imam Sarafadeen2022/09/02 07:50

When you say future, what comes to your mind?


Your future is your fixture,

honor yourself, think about your future.

future is what nobody knows

but your today's actions will make it grow

your actions and your reactions will make your future so bright

& you will get into your future without taking a flight.

enroll yourself and don't be a fanatic,

in the end, everything will be fantastic

talk to yourself before you do anything drastic

keep your mood and don't be frantic

correct yourself in every mistake you make

and also, enjoy yourself, for your sake.

there is nothing bad in going to park,

after you received your perk

but think wisely before you pack yourself to the park

today will be your future's clue

it will connect it together without a glue

so, think about your future every time

and your gain will come in no time.


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