What Type of Engine Do I Need?

Car Part2022/09/02 05:37
What Type of Engine Do I Need?

There are a few different types of engines Based on the Engine Layout that you might need when starting your own business. Here are the most common:


1. Straight Engine

In a straight engine layout, all the cylinders are linearly arrayed. The engine is positioned parallel to the length of the car, meaning it goes from the front of the engine bay to the back. With this layout, the engine can have more cylinders, which is why you'll typically find it in more powerful sedans.

2. Inline Engine

With an inline engine, cylinders are arranged in a straight row, just like a straight engine layout. However, it doesn't go from front to back. Instead, it is perpendicular to the car, meaning it goes from the left of the engine bay to the right. Some people might describe the cylinders as being placed 'side by side'.


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