Diamond Ghost in my Hard Past

Afrikan Kid2022/09/01 08:06

what happens when she gives up herself for you dreams, your future, your happiness? for me she is a ghost I want to wake up next to every morning, let her live through my eyes coz I know she is always by my side.

Diamond Ghost in my Hard Past

Wealth, love, smiles

Its been a journey of endless miles

A rough road across the wilderness

A tough wilderness of sadness

She, However, my beloved ghost

Held my hand when I felt lost

Erased my tears at my worst

Wiped my tears every night

Was the wheels to my damaged cart

And the tailor to my torn clothes

A diamond in the darkest of night

Whose silver smile gave them light

The warmth in my shaky bed

A soft tit pillow where I laid my head

A promise to ur breathing ghost

That in this mirror of life

I will forever see your golden smile

I choose to love your reflection

I choose ur shiny existence in my still bed

Coz you are my breath

You are my life

And I will forever be yours

@Afrikan Kid🦋

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