Tesla Lawal shares essential personality traits to become a successful entrepreneur in 2022

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Tesla is changing the Entrepreneurship landscape with his various Strategies to help other Entrepreneurs reposition themselves for success. Here he shares self essential Personality traits for becoming a successful entrepreneur

Tesla Lawal shares essential personality traits to become a successful entrepreneur in 2022

In the world of Entrepreneurship were every business person is striving to boost thier businesses and be successful Tesla Lawal is changing the Entrepreneurship landscape with his various new Strategies.

Nigerian Entrepreneur Tesla Lawal share some useful tips for new entrepreneurs.

According to him he said in a virtual online training with other entrepreneurs that negative personality affects your business and when not corrected can close down business with a great potential to grow.

He said by working with other industry colleagues and starting many online Businesses he has learned some powerful traits that can help any Entrepreneurship business.

There are many factors that can contribute to the success of an entrepreneur as they launch, operate, and scale their business.

These factors can include the timing of their business launch,

how competitive their market is, the reliability of their supply chain, the amount of capital they are able to obtain, and the

current economic climate.

In addition to these elements, there are a number of traits

successful entrepreneurs have in common that contribute to

their business success. Let’s dive into what they are.

Successful Entrepreneur Personality Traits

1. Discipline

2. Creativity

3. Self-Awareness

4. Resourcefulness

5. Process-Oriented



8. Self-Motivated

9. Risk-Taker


1. Discipline

bill aulet entrepreneur quote: "We have looked for the

entrepreneurship gene and there is no entrepreneurship gene.

There is not. It is disciplined execution that makes people

successful entrepreneurs."

Starting and operating a business is no easy feat. Unlike a

traditional job where you often have upper-level management

driving business objectives and keeping you accountable, being an entrepreneur requires the ability to hold yourself accountable

when you don’t have a "boss" to do so.

Those who are able to create and execute plants even without

external factors holding them accountable have a competitive

edge in business. When an entrepreneur has self-discipline they

are able to manage the urge to procrastinate and can take

decisive action when needed.

Three-time entrepreneur Bill Aulet recognizes that focus and

discipline are critical for startup success, and it's even the focus

of his book, Disciplined Entrepreneurship. He goes so far as to

say that, "It is disciplined execution that makes people

successful entrepreneurs." His book outlines a 24-step

framework for bringing products to market. The rigorous (but

fun) methodology comes from Aulet's experience building

startups, raising capital, and creating value from shareholders.

2. Creativity

mignon francois entrepreneur quote: "I got the idea of having a

bake sale everyday while listening to a financial guru on the


Though creativity is often associated with artistic output, it is an

important trait for all entrepreneurs to have. Creativity doesn’t

only apply to visual elements or branding. Entrepreneurs who are

able to creatively solve problems and think outside of the box

when facing everyday business challenges, they are able to

quickly pivot and implement necessary solutions that lead to

business growth. Inspired by a financial guru and the high cost of sweets in her

area, Mignon Francois went from "household manager" to

founder and CEO. "I got the idea of having a bake sale everyday

while listening to a financial guru on the radio. I was a household

manager of 6+1 (aka stay at home mom) and I really couldn’t

afford the luxury of taking my children out for sweets because

everything was expensive and we were struggling. Once I started

to get my recipes together I would practice all day."

Originally, she didn't even know how to bake, relying on her

daughters and grandmother for help. However, her hard work

and ingenuity turned a condemned home into a full-blown bakery

and a creative endeavor into a ten-million-dollar business.

3. Self-Awareness

gary vaynerchuk entrepreneur quote: "I suck at 99 percent of

stuff, but I go all out on that 1 percent I'm good at."

Entrepreneurs who have a sense of self-awareness that they are

able to apply professionally to achieve business success. When

an entrepreneur is self-aware they are able to own up to their

strengths and weaknesses related to running their business.

With this awareness, they are able to zero in on the tasks and

elements of running the business they can excel in and are more

willing to delegate the areas they are not as strong in. Another

benefit of being self-aware is that it increases one’s ability to

give, receive, and apply meaningful feedback. Gary Vaynerchuk, lifelong entrepreneur and social thought leader,

says that self-awareness is a trait he wishes the business world

paid more attention to, more so than hustle or smarts.

"Self-awareness at its finest is accepting your shortcomings and

accentuating your strengths." In his blog post on the topic, he

says that the moment you decide to do so, "things will change."

4. Resourcefulness

mark cuban entrepreneur quote: "It's not about money or

connections. It's the willingness to outwork and outlearn


Many entrepreneurs are faced with tasks and challenges they

have never faced before. The ability to be resourceful is a

mindset that helps entrepreneurs reach lofty goals without a

clear way to achieve them.

When entrepreneurs are able to work resourcefully, they can

effectively problem-solve and grow and scale their businesses

without having all of the answers or resources to do so. Being

resourceful requires a can-do attitude and willingness to work

creatively to effectively manage a business without having the have to work hard and try to put yourself in a position where, if

luck strikes, you can see the opportunity and take advantage of


5. Process-Oriented

masaaki imai entrepreneurship quote: "The message of the

Kaizen strategy is that not a day should go by without some kind

of improvement being made somewhere in the company."

Having solid processes in place is essential for any successful

entrepreneur. In the world of business, a process is a repeatable

series of steps that help those working within a business to

complete necessary tasks. Processes can apply to various

aspects of the business including sales, onboarding new team

members, production, and product fulfillment.

When business owners have a process-oriented mindset, they

are able to work smarter, not harder. Implementing processes in

various areas of the business can prevent waste, allowing

business owners to scale and grow their businesses.

Additionally, when business owners have repeatable processes

in place, they are able to easily train new team members to fulfill

important aspects of the business without sacrificing time or


Masaaki Imai, management consultant and founder of the

Kaizen Institute Consulting Group, says this about processes and

systems: "The message of the Kaizen strategy is that not a day

should go by without some kind of improvement being made

somewhere in the company. He is, of course, referring to a principle called Kaizen that

champions the guiding philosophy of "continual improvement"

often applied in lean business and productivity processes.

Kaizen's impact can be found in the snowball effect that

incremental changes to process can make, and it has been

practiced throughout the world — most notably at Toyota as part

of the Toyota Way Fieldbook and at Trader Joe's as one of the

company's core values.

6. Empathetic

dharmesh shah entrepreneurship quote: "In this day and age, I

think empathy is more important than ever. As we scale our

company, what will differentiate us in the future is what has

differentiated us in the past: We fundamentally care about our

customers and each other."

Empathy is an essential trait for entrepreneurs. Whether a

business owner manages a large team of employees or works

directly with their customers as a high-performing solopreneur,

they must be able to connect with others on a genuine level.

Successful entrepreneurs are able to put themselves in others’

shoes, considering the perspectives of their employees and

customers as they navigate key business decisions. In business,

empathy can look like anticipating your customer’s needs,

empowering your team members to take time off to recharge

when they need it, and giving both employees and customers

space to voice their opinions and concerns. Business owners who have the soft skills necessary to connect

with others, they may experience benefits such as increased

customer loyalty, more customer referrals, and increased

employee productivity.

Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot, considers empathy

such an important core value that he modified the organization's

Culture Code to include it. "Not too long ago, I found a bug in our

Culture Code that needed fixing. We use the acronym HEART to

describe qualities we value in our coworkers. For years, these

qualities were: Humble, Effective, Adaptable, Remarkable, and

Transparent. But something wasn’t right. HEART did not clearly

capture one of the values that I think is fundamental and part of

our core at HubSpot. That value is: empathy."

7. Communicative

simon sinek entrepreneurship quote: "Leadership is a way of

thinking, a way of acting and, most importantly, a way of


According to research from Wroclaw University, the top three

communication skills for leaders are effective listening, getting a

message across clearly and vividly, and providing feedback in a

supportive manner.

These skills can put entrepreneurs at a competitive advantage.

When a business owner is able to effectively listen to their

customer, they are able to implement customer feedback that

can help them improve their offerings. Additionally, when

business leaders exhibit these skills with their own employees and team members, they are able to build trust which can

improve productivity and business performance.

Communication is a big part of Simon Sinek's message to

business leaders. In fact, Sinek's TED talk Start With Why covers

the topic and is one of the most popular to date.

"Communication is not about speaking what we think.

Communication is about ensuring others hear what we mean."

According to Sinek, this is a vital part of leadership.

8. Self-Motivated

noelle santos entrepreneurship quote: "So in my mind, I was like,

'Okay, that means I have two years to open a bookstore.' I took

responsibility for it."

Simply put, when you’re your own boss you have to be able to

keep yourself motivated to work effectively and consistently.

Entrepreneurs must be able to work through creative ruts and

points of feeling uninspired to keep their businesses going. This starts with knowing what drives you to keep going and drawing

upon necessary inspiration when motivation is low.

A great example of this is entrepreneur Noëlle Santos, who didn't

intend to open a book store — she worked in HR for an IT firm —

but was shaken by the news that the Barnes & Noble she

frequented was closing.

The joy of reading was important to her, so she had to do

something. "I was disgusted knowing that there was just one

bookstore at the time. So that petition galvanized the property owners and Barnes & Noble and the politicians, they came to an

agreement that they would extend the lease two years. So in my

mind, I was like, 'Okay, that means I have two years to open a

bookstore.' I took responsibility for it."

Dedicated to her mission, she even worked at other bookstores

for free over the course of two and a half years to learn the

industry. From there, Santos fundraised and energized a

community behind The Lit. Bar, bringing a bookstore back to the

Bronx. The lesson here being that grit has to be inspired by


9. Risk - Taker

The ability to take a calculated risk is one of the most valuable

skills an entrepreneur can have. When business owners are

willing to take risks, they are able to learn valuable lessons in

business that can help their company in the long run.

Taking risks also helps businesses find new ways to differentiate

themselves from the competition, which is especially helpful in

saturated markets. In the event the risk doesn’t have the

intended result, the entrepreneur can still apply the valuable

lessons learned to future business decisions.

Microsoft's Bill Gates is credited with the quote, "To win big, you

sometimes have to take big risks." Gates certainly took risks

throughout the history of Microsoft, but perhaps his most

notable risk was leaving Harvard during his sophomore year in

1975 to found the company. His vision was "a computer on every

desk and in every home," which was something no one could have conceived of at the time. The risk he took to make that

vision a reality paid off, and Microsoft is worth more than a

Harvard degree.


These traits along with a vision for what you want to accomplish are paramount to your success as an entrepreneur. Once you internalize your drive, you can then begin putting goals to paper and build out concrete action items to realize the–he added.

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