Your love is my portion

Bri2542022/08/31 09:32

Your love I would like it to be for a lifetime

Raiding your love is like an amulate,

Finding it at the first time,

Shining and lovely its magical,

You lighted my heart,

With the theme of love,

A conversation with you,

is all i need for my day to be great,

All i want is you nothing else,

I just want you to be,

By my side for a lifetime,

Have a family and,

Build a home with you,

sinyorita to me i just see us,

Mi amor my lady,

Am ready to tipe i love you,

and talk to you offen when am far,

Just to know how my queen is doing

😜building a house between clouds for our privacy,

If not fantancy then I must be crazy,

Crazy dwelling in your love and,

If your love is a prison then,

I would like it to be a life sentence.

written by Brighton A. Murila

[email protected]

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