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Once upon a time a girl named Goldilocks lived in a house at the edge of the woods. In those days curls of hair were called "locks." She was "Goldilocks" because golden hair ran down her head and shoulders.

One morning Goldilocks was out for a walk when she came across a beautiful bird. She followed that bird right into the woods, where her mother had said many times she must never go. But Goldilocks didn’t think of that. Deeper and deeper into the woods she went. But where was the bird? It was nowhere to be seen. Goldilocks looked around. That's when she knew she was lost.

But a house was not far away. “I wonder who lives there,” she thought, "so deep into the woods." She went up and knocked on the door. No answer. She knocked again. Still no answer. Goldilocks knocked a third time and the door opened. But no one was behind the door.

“Well, the door is already open,” said the girl. “So I may as well go in.” Goldilocks smelled a wonderful smell, and soon knew why. On the table were three steaming bowls of oatmeal. All of a sudden she realized how very hungry she was.

What Goldilocks did not know, however, is that three bears lived in this house. In fact, that very morning the three bears had sat down to their bowls of oatmeal but the cereal was too hot. So they had decided to take a short walk. They said to each other, "By the time we return home our oatmeal will be perfect." Gazing at the steaming bowls of oatmeal, Goldilocks thought, “I'm sure whoever lives here won’t mind if I take just one sip.” She sat at the first chair and took a sip. “Ah!” she said, “it is too hot.”

She moved to the next bowl and took a sip. “Ah!” she said, “it is too cold.” She moved to the third bowl and took a sip. “It is just right!” And before she knew it, the oatmeal was all gone.

Goldilocks rubbed her tummy. “I'm full! I must find somewhere to sit that's more comfortable.”

She went to the living room. Three chairs were lined up in a row – one big chair, one medium-sized chair, and a wee little chair. I'm sure whoever lives here will not mind if I sit on just one chair,” said Goldilocks. She sat on the big chair, but it was too hard.

“The next chair looks good,” said Goldilocks. She moved to the medium-sized chair, but it was too soft.

“The wee little chair looks better,” said the girl. She sat on the little chair and it was just right! But when Goldilocks leaned back a bit, the chair broke into a dozen pieces. She plopped right on the floor.

“Oh, no!” Goldilocks wailed. Then she yawned. There must be somewhere she could lie down for a short nap. The girl saw a ladder and climbed it to an attic. In a row, three beds were lined up – one big bed, one medium-sized bed, and a wee little bed.

“I'm sure whoever lives here won’t mind if I lay down for just a short nap,” she said. She laid down on the big bed but it was too hard. She laid down on the medium-sized bed but it was too soft. The girl laid down on the wee little bed, and it was just right! As her head hit the pillow, Goldilocks was fast asleep.Just then, the three bears came home from their walk. "Oh, my!" said Mama Bear. “Did either of you leave the front door open?”


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