A short story

Anam2022/08/29 17:33

This short story is about the dream of a girl whose passion for reading made her a famous writer.

A short story



“This award goes to Mehak”

The announcement made everyone surprised. How can Mehak get this award?

All were inquisitive and murmuring They seemed jealous. Mehak proudly went forward with a brightened face, shining eyes and a wide smile on her face. It was her never-ending struggle that brought her to that great moment. She straight forward took the award and uplifted it with excitement and her eyes burst into tears. She started her thanking note with this famous verse of

Allama Iqbal;

“Raise thyself to such heights, that God Himself may ask what do you

wish me to write your fate”?

I‘ve wanted all of my life to get this award. I‘ve dreamed to be a famous author and I did it! Dreaming something big and not working on achieving it is meaningless. I want to give all my fellows the message here;

My dear fellows! Make books your best friends. Though, I am not good at studies. I love reading books. My love started for reading when once my grandmother told me a story. The way she held a book and read it to me made my interest develop day by day and this well-formed habit helped me in writing a book named “dreaming about future”. This is the outcome of knowing the importance of reading. Thank you so much, grandma! Books are

my true friends. (The hall resonates with clapping...)

I would love to write more books.


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