Earnest Hearts2022/08/29 09:07

Please don't judge me wrongly

When I don't reply your messages

Or even answer your calls,

Don't even feel offended

When I don't talk to you

Because there is a lot you don't know

And never you will ever know

Yet they are not secrets.

Please don't have that emptiness around yourself

When am not around you,

Don't even feel bored,

When you can't hear my stories anymore,

But please remember those moments,

But only happy moments,

Of memories we had together.

Please don't cry at all,

When you find me lay weak,

Lay weak on that hospital bed, yet I

didn't tell you this,

Yes you might be my friend,

But not so close friend,... friend to be trusted.

Please don't hate me,

When you come to learn about my truth,

It's a truth that pains me,

And keeps me shedding tears,

Tears down my cheeks,

Raining heavily,

With much thunder.

Please don't be shocked,

When you get to know my deeds,

Those inhuman deeds,

Though to my own self, yet...

you have mercies towards me,

Mercies that never fade.

Please don't forget those moments,

Of things we did together,

Keep those memories,

though for your own good

But we are still friends.

Please don't remind me of anything,

Anything we did together,

Or even anybody in my life,

anybody who I forgot about,

But you know that still you are my friend.

Please don't shy to me,

When I feel for myself,

Because I made a mistake,

Mistake that nobody will ever forgive me,...

yet I ask for forgiveness.

Critical way.


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