Before i vow


I have lived in horrific moments lately, I cant help but dread for love and marriage For the stranger in my homestead like a robber Or the enormous sacrifice before I make up my mind, Before i travel on a gravelled-road—i sing, I sing for the fear that has struck my spine For the spirit that has frozen my soul What is my question before i vow?

Before i vow

*Before I Vow*

Ah! My mighty singing bird

My thunderbird, like a little hornbill, 🔔

That drums my heart apart!💗💔

A hollow heart of free will—💘

Before I pluck roses 🌹 🌹

Or bend low to beg, 🧎‍♂️💍

Tell me I'm not begging for drama

Tell me my little plaything—give me a sign

That I'm not signing an early sentence,

That it ain't gonna be a joke

To sing and dance to merry for my death,

For my premature death–lively

Before I enjoyed not

The fortunes of sweat or–

The struggle that took me years

Ah! Glorious queen–tell me..

Tell me I'll not die for my choice—younger

Or regret ever seeing your conspicuous yellow skin

Or ever knowing the language of love.

What is it you think little kitten 🐱 ?

That now you have to dance to my music 🎶

That now you drink my drunkenness 🍻

Or condone my thunderous snoring 👃

What does it mean darling?

That we'll be one soul

That you'll be my flesh

That I'll be your problems?

Isn't it a nuisance sky lark?

Can you ever be ready for this?

Tell me honestly, tell me before

I put my strength to wrecked ship

That never will for once anchor!

Bonface Otieno.

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