Reason of weight gain you don't know

Abdul Rehman2022/08/27 16:03
Reason of weight gain you don't know

Weight gain reasons

Weight gain is the main complaint I heard repeatedly from patients during this last nineteen-day quarantine. Sure, we have more time to eat snacks and sit around more than ever before, and that might have something to do with it.

But you don't want to miss these other surprising and often missed medical causes of weight gain:

1) Thyroid

Number one, fiery disorder People with untreated hypothyroidism, which simply means they have lower thyroid hormone levels, can gain weight, which is usually due to a hereditary disorder.A few other symptoms besides weight gain include fatigue, constipation, depression, and hair loss. Basically, everything slows down and a simple blood test can rule this one out.

2) Diabetes

Number two, undiagnosed diabetes. Diabetics have something called insulin resistance. Insulin's job, in a nutshell, is to get that glucose to enter the cell, but in diabetics, these receptors, or doorways of sorts, don't function properly and therefore insulin cannot do its job. So because of this, the pancreas keeps pumping out more and more insulin to get that job done, and insulin causes weight gain. Therefore, uncontrolled diabetics tend to be overweight and gain weight more easily. We no longer do those nasty sweet drinks. If any of you have had that done before, they're pretty archaic.

3) POC

POC, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, is a hormonal imbalance that also causes insulin resistance just like in diabetics. This hormonal imbalance also causes irregular periods and sometimes acne, hirsutism, excess facial or body hair, scalp hair thinning and weight gain. Its treatment can be complex and made to really vary depending on a patient, but weight loss is really key to its success.

4) Medications

Certain diabetes medications can also cause weight gain. If you're taking any of these medications and you're struggling with your weight, however, make sure to always discuss your medication list with your doctor before you decide to change or stop any treatment.

5) Pregnancy or Menstrual Cycle

Pregnancy also causes weight gain. I must say, women who don't menstruate regularly or those who are postpartum and breastfeeding may not have regular periods returned yet we'll come in with weight gain complaints.


They may not know that since most snacks are processed and high in carbohydrates, think chips, breads, sweets, etc. Be wary of any of your drinks with sugar, like soda, sweet teas, coffee, drinks, etc. They may contain an excessive amount of carbs, and they can hide them in there without you knowing.

Sometimes I see my patients losing weight just by simply discontinuing their liquids with sugar. So, we should choose our drinks carefully for our good health. Our food is the most effective reason for weight gain. The other most important thing is that we should never ignore any sign of disease. Nowadays, this is a common problem in every region. Therefore, we should take care and use healthy food.


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