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Hey guys welcome to my blog in this

we're gonna tour a real American

country house and you're gonna see how

typical Americans live across this huge

country I drove three hours away from

San Francisco specifically to show you

this house let's see it

back to San Francisco

- mate

when I sit on this Terrace I imagine

that I'm in one of this Hollywood movies

about America where you see people just

sitting on their terraces all day

talking to their neighbors and watching

people pass by this is so so typical

look at these wheels when I look at them

I think that I'm in cowboy times like

maybe 800 something the first thought

that came to my mind when I saw this

house was like oh my god West world have

you guys seen this TV show they staged

the time that is something similar to

the time where this house is wrong and

now let's go inside and check the house

itself the house starts with a living

room and the kitchen this is so so 60s

like the minute when it was here I'm

like oh my god med med I'm like thinking

TV shows all the time and when I look at

the place and like definitely better

look at that everything is from 50s 60s

and I love just feeling and this weekend

is our retreat after a crazy crazy week

and we're here together with Vlad just

graduated from poverty is and he's mv8

there and we've done a couple of videos

together let's see the backyard because

it's a little weird

are you gonna see in the backyard we

have Alexander who's also Russian no

guys he's one of the best camera people

in San Francisco he does a lot of videos

like for my videos for startups and big

companies that are located in Silicon

Valley yesterday we come to this place

I'm like oh so you're gonna relax we're

gonna be beautiful I look out of the

window of my bedroom and like what's

there in the backyard

and I couldn't figure it out because it

was too dark but then I noticed flowers

and I'm like Oh symmetry what do we can

I don't know what's your opinion of that

like write it down in comments below I'm

totally ok with that because it's better

than a neighbor who's screaming and

shouting all the time if you guys think

that this is an entrance to the room no

this is a wardrobe we're just thinking

of making something create a fun video I

think it's a kid's room but the thing

that you need to pay attention to if

you're not American especially like

Americans you would be surprised we

don't do that in Russian this is a

typical American thing to have at least

five pillows on the bed I personally

love it and I've done the same thing in

my room in st. Petersburg but basically

what you have this are for decoration

and you remove them before you go to bed

and you sleep on these too I love love

love how they made this room because

it's a small room but with all the

details like everything is really light

so it adds space and everything is so

very nice so you're like in a daughter

it gives this room I've really at home

feeling I personally love it let me know

guys if you have this pillow setup in

your country because I first saw it when

I came to the UK and I'm like oh my god

I want to do the same and basically the

purpose of this video is not only to

show you how Americans if it's also to

show you to give you some inspiration

how to decorate your own room because I

love mixing up different cultures and

you know because this is all me like

mixing different cultures and languages

but yeah it has a small window I like

the curtains it looks out at the

backyard and it's a really really nice

kid's room

lunchtime and we've got some good

chickens a good it's the best one in

Japan for that training United States

you know what because Russian guys

cooked it and because we got it in a

Russian shop if your guys from San

Francisco or anywhere in America try

Russia shops what I wanted to talk about

in this house like the moment I went in

here I'm like how do people live here

their whole lives because I was born in

a big city I live in San Francisco and


I was thinking like where do you go from

here you're in the middle of nowhere yes

you have a river yes you have a


and whenever you want to go you need to

drive let me you guys know down in

comments below whether you live in a

small village or in a big city but I'm

definitely 100% a city girl yes you have

to wait before I finish talking and yeah

I wouldn't imagine myself waiting

already because the one to eat I

wouldn't imagine myself living in a

small village like not right now because

I just want to be among people and I'm a

person who likes to sit at home and I

want my house to have everything if I

sit at home here all the time it's just

I was just miscommunication with the

outside world let me know what you think

and we're gonna have some lunch no in

San Francisco we have the gym we have

the boob we have all of the neighbors

like here you don't have the neighbors

you only have the cow in it right makes

sense okay so yeah let's see let's go

the purpose of the whole trip was to get

away from the city and enjoy the nature

we have a river two minute walk away

from my home and guess what what I love

about California people are trying to

use every single piece of land

everything that nature gives to rest and

enjoy like look at the rafting I've

never done that in my life

Russian style is just to just swim in

the river exactly what we've done and

then after this we're gonna see the

Tahoe Lake so stay tuned

our house was really close to Lake Tahoe

and this is where we came this is a

beloved place to spend a weekend for all

the San Franciscans and just for you

guys I'm gonna dive in right now I hate

doing that it's really cold but just for


guys your champion is back I swam I

drank some water it tastes really good

this was the best swimming experience so

far because it's so much better than the

seat because it's not salty and you can

actually drink water from it love love

and recommend let's continue our tour

guys and go to the one of the most

important rooms in any house master

bedroom where the Masters of the house

live this is the master bedroom master

bedroom is the one that normally has the

king-size bed I really really love the

king-size beds because it's really

really comfortable to lie on a big one

this is a pretty standard village style

bedroom what I love about American homes

is that a lot of rooms would have carpet

on the floor and this is really

comfortable to wake up and step you're

very heat on a comfortable this this

floor this carpet is a little old but

it's so so comfortable love love love

the feeling so if you're thinking of

what I put in your floor in your bedroom

with the carpet wardrobe it's like a

separate room I would say it's a guest

bedroom I guess when I first came to

Miami and I came with my cousin and we

stayed in a one-bedroom apartment and I

was sharing the bed with my aunt and he

was staying in a closet which was pumped

up the mattress for him and he enjoyed

it a lot he didn't even want to move he

was 12 years old like that so if you

have cousins why not by the way we're in

California so there are not a lot of

heaters here but there's the air

conditioning system which is a little

weird for me this is the first time I

see an air conditioning unit coming from

the floor but I think it's pretty clever

because the cold air lifts up and when I

was lying in the bed yesterday night I

really felt that it's cooling the space

and now we're gonna see the bathroom

which is unfortunately and this is super

weird for an American home it's the only

bathroom in the 3-bedroom home what is

really important and what I want you

guys to maybe have in your home because

it's super super comfortable this is

called vanity shelf this is a shelf

where you have your sink but you also

have a shelf where you put all of your


like make up whatever you're using in

the bathroom another thing that I've

only seen in America and I think it's

super clever because back in Russia in

my bathroom I have a lot of mold well I

don't have it all the time but sometimes

when you don't clean your bathroom for

like two or three weeks you start

getting mold and it's dangerous you have

to get rid of it but what Americans came

up with is this plastic unit that has

the bath and it also has the walls and

because it's a solid unit you don't have

the space where you can get the mold so

I think it's super clever they don't do

that at in new homes I haven't seen it a

lot but in old houses they have a lot of

these guys supply stick unit with the

classroom this is actually a two-story

house but the second floor is downstairs

so we have floor one and floor - one

flora - one is a game area which is

pretty cool what I love of American

homes they're so big you have space for

a game room but I would do our YouTube

room here or something like that this

door there's nothing right there but

this morning I talked to the lady who's

renting out this place and she actually

bought it one year ago she bought the

whole territory so you have like a

master house here three guest houses and

the cementery the one that you've seen

she owns it and she actually has an

agreement with the state of this city

award village that she can let people in

every day during working hours so they

can visit the cementery

and she can also give permission to for

people to get buried there so it's

pretty interesting but what she also

told that she was surprised that this

house has only one bathroom so she's

gonna make another bathroom here and

there's also another bedroom


guest bedroom queen bed really comfy and

it has an exit to the street I'm really

excited about what she's gonna make

about this house because I love the way

it is right now but she's also gonna

refurbish it I think yes it's such a

homely feeling I feel so comfortable

here so two nights even with the

cementery of you I feel so comfortable I

slept so well so definitely recommend it

if you're looking for a place to come

and you know spend the weekend let's go

I'll show you something else that is

super interesting about this place they

have a stone where Native Americans used

to crack nuts to make powder and to

create their food and this is right by

our house let's go and see it

welcome to the backyard of our house I

think it was a kitchen because what they

use the stone for is that they made

holes in it

they took stones they put all the nuts

in here and then they just started

making powder out of these stones and by

the number of the holes you can tell how

many people were there in a group that

lived here so these are Native Americans

that we're talking about but this is so

cool we're seeing the history of this is

where you know people created their food

I hope you guys enjoyed watching this

video please let me know what you think

please let me know where you're watching

from this is super important because I

look at the stats we see a lot of

Americans - the viewers but also let me

know where exactly you're watching from

and what house do you want to see next

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like if you've enjoyed watching this

blog and I'll see you


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