My Black story

Nameless2022/08/27 09:48

Part 1

My Black story

My Story Part I

This is Many who was born in small country in southest asia.

I am the eldest amoung my two brothers. I am only a girl in the family which my parents, and other relative belive that i would have a brighter future when i grow up and people can rely on me. I really have a great childhood. My family loves me so much and all the hope they put all in me.

I moved to city to countinou my bachelor degree in 2007. It was a great journey. I commit to be better to make my family proud of.

I moved to stay with my aunt and another closed friend. we stay in the 4x4 room and sleep on the small bed with 3 of us.

I remembered i cry in the first night as i really missed my grandma so much. i never apart from my grandma even a day .


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